Oh, fiddle-dee-dee, as God is my witness, I will never be hungry again…. Remember that line by my namesake in “Gone With the Wind?” Well, it’s true! I will never be hungry again because the good folks at CBHR have taken me in and are getting me ready for my forever home, even if it’s not Tara!
Thank heaven I am not that modest (another Scarlett line), because I have a lot of good things to tell you about me. I am a slow eater, but a quick learner. I learned to use the doggie door in less than 24 hours! I like challenges and LOVE to play chase. Give me some space on the bed and it is bedtime. I will play a while then nap. They say napping is good for my complexion. If you have another dog, that is even better. I am very social with them. In all honesty, the crate is not for me and I really don’t like to be alone. If I am alone, who will be there to tell me how cute I am??
So, what do you think? Could you use a girl with southern charm? If so, let the CBHR folks know and fiddle-dee-dee… it could be you and me!