Well hello, and I am glad you have taken the time to visit my little part of the CBHR website. Since you’re here, let me tell you some things about myself that might be of interest. First and foremost, my foster parents are happy to have me in their home and report I am just a great all around guy. When I arrived with them I had my long-term roomie, Felix, with me but we are both living apart and doing just fine. I am just good around my new dog roommates, and my foster parents think I will do well with other dogs or as an only dog. I am doing great with house training and staying in a crate. I am loveable and might even bark a little to let you know I need some attention. Can you believe I even listen well and will keep my paws to myself (off the furniture) if asked?
My previous owners neglected me, but I am getting over it! I just had some surgery to remove a fairly big skin tumor and am recovering from that. Nothing a little time and hair growth won’t fix. The vet says it was malignant, but was removed in its entirety with lots of room to spare. Most likely, that will be something that just needs to be watched when I go for normal check-ups. Other than that I am looking for a normal, loving forever home where I can go for walks, get some rubs, and receive attention. That’s not too much to ask do you think, especially when you consider all I have to give in return?