Morty is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in bacon. He’s a good boy at heart, his intentions are noble. But… I’m guessing he didn’t get properly socialized the first 3+ years of his life, and is a bit on the insecure side now that he finds himself looking for a place to call home again. I kind of think Morty wants to have a dog to pal around with if/when you’re not at home. We’re all still learning. But bless his heart, he doesn’t make friends that easily. I think the scientific term is “warms slowly”. He WILL make friends, but unfortunately it may take a day or two. So if you’ve got the time, he can likely be a small pack member, and he will likely be fine as an only dog, that’s what he was for 3 years. But for this go around, we want him to be a more actively involved member of the family. He was a bit tentative and unsure when he came to my house for the first couple of days – his world had been turned upside down. But after a couple days, he and a little 14 pound nutty terrier mix now get along just fine. She’s a bit of a dog whisperer, and very agile (see attached video). Morty is a striking, beautiful dog. He is currently house trained, but he also has the use of a doggy door. He can run, he can walk, he’s young (three going on four), he can be as active as you like, and he can lounge around as much as you like. He has the unparalleled ability to NOT get out of your way even more so than the average basset. It’s all about them, after all… right? He has little desire to obey commands… what else could you possibly ask for in a basset?. There will be an adjustment when he finds his forever home, but he’s so worth it. Hopefully he will continue to build confidence as he hangs out with foster dad and his little four legged friend, and goes various places and interacts a little more. Call and ask about Morty today. 02/22/17