I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 06/24/15

My name is Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, but you can call me Honey – a simply delightful middle-aged lady from Eastern NC. Despite my hard knock past, I’m a consummate basset optimist! I was homeless and raiding trash cans for food, but now I’m found – CBHR saved me! I need to bend your ear for a second though and discuss my ear… unfortunately the doctors are going to have to work on it a little bit, but don’t you fret none – I promise when I’m all fixed up I will listen to you just as good as I would have with a perfect ear – basset’s honor! We bassets take our “listening” seriously! And if you buy that… I’ve got a lovely ocean front cottage in Arizona where we can summer together! Once my stint in rehab is done, I’m going to be looking to make up for lost time – I’m talking belly rubs, treats… the whole nine yards. I’ve got plans – BIG plans! Don’t you want to be part of this happily ever after? Ask for me – Honey! 05/21/13

My Adoption Sponsor is Maria Reier in memory of Shanna, Sidney, Jordan and Kit.