Some gotta win, some gotta lose
Good time Charley’s got the blues

That’s me. And why do I have the blues? Well, the folks at CBHR have me in a terrific foster home, but I REALLY want a forever home. So listen up!

My foster mom reports that I’m doing great. I don’t mean to brag (Ok, yes I do!) but she said she’s had 5 Bassets and I’m quite possibly the sweetest and smartest one she’s had in her home. Pretty good, huh?

She says I’ve quickly adapted her two girl Bassets and her two teenage daughters. She says I’m loving and not skittish at all. I love to be rubbed and cuddled (duh! I’m a basset!). I tag along with the girls throughout the house, and I’m doing well with the housetraining already.

I do really well on a leash in the yard, and know my name and follow direction well. I do have a healthy appetite (duh, again, I’m a basset!) My foster mom gave me a comfy new dog bed that I loved right away and I sleep there all night with no whining or roaming around even without being crated. But the few times she’s had to crate me during the day, I was fine in my cozy little den. Even though I’m a little older (about 10), I get around fine and I’m able to go up and down our outside stairs fairly easily.

I’m getting already to be a wonderful new addition at my forever home – so y’all come back now, ya hear? There will be more information and photos! 10/8/17