I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 12/22/14

You know – life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and sniff around once in a while, you could miss it. Hello, I’m Betsy. I sure am thankful for the good folks at CBHR and especially my foster mom. She has taken care of all my ailments and I am good to go! I’ve put on some weight, courtesy of some top notch groceries. Don’t you need an adorable, sleuthing hound like myself to help you sniff out the finer things in life? Since I got to feeling so much better, I like to play with all my four legged pals, including 3 cats (even 1 grumpy one!) I love car rides and I do a pretty sporty job at the end of a leash. I’m now so spoiled, I’m very comfortable here at home with foster mom, and have become a professional nap taker. It is true that I’m quite a lovely catch and at times can be quite a character; I’m a bit of an enigma… wrapped in a riddle. You know us ladies know what we want and aren’t afraid to tell you. A seasoned basset handler, perhaps without little kids running around, would be my ideal home. And I am so excited about the wonderful forever home that awaits me out there. Could it be you? Trust me, you won’t be sorry – just ask for me – Betsy. 08/19/14