I suppose you might be familiar with the concept of a “diamond in the rough.” If so, you already know a bit about me. It’s been a bit of a rough start, but I am really ready to shine with a little love and care. My foster mom says I am a “sweet little girl” and she likes to call me “Bess” so as not confuse me with the cows next door! She also says my pictures don’t quite show how really cute I am.
There a few things I need to reach my full potential. First, I need to recover a bit and gain some weight. No complaints from my end, because I am very food motivated and get all “waggy” when it’s time to eat. I am very happy to do what people ask me to do, but need a little help to understand verbal commands. Things I already know are how to behave in a crate and go potty outside. I really like other dogs, but am not fond of cats. I won’t trouble you to take me on walks because I really don’t like them, and much prefer just to hang out at home. In fact, I will be happier in a home that has another dog and people who are around. I just like company!
So, if you want to polish me a little, show me attention, and give me a place to just be me, I promise to do my part so we have a happy home together. In fact, if you will love me, I will love you back…. and there’s nothing you can do about it!