Fostering a CBHR Basset


Foster homes are the core of the Carolina Basset Hound Rescue program. Without the foster home’s love and generosity, Carolina Basset Hound Rescue would cease to exist. Thank you for your interest. YOU are a valuable and treasured member of our team!

The Foster Experience

Fostering is a fun and rewarding experience; you get to watch a possibly scared, underweight, homeless hound blossom into a loving, affectionate, house pet that will become a treasured addition for any home. Knowing you helped a special hound find a home of his own is quite fulfilling.

Fostering does have its challenges as many times the new foster hound has to learn what the rules are for living indoors, learn to be around a loving family, and learn how to play and trust again. The foster family is most vital in helping a basset become the dog we all know he can be!

Approval Process

The foster home approval process is very similar to our adoption process and begins once you complete an application. You should hear back from a CBHR representative within two to three days to let you know your application has been received and is being processed. If you have not heard back within that time-frame, please email us. Once the application has been processed, one of our directors will review your application and contact you for a brief phone interview. Following the phone interview a CBHR volunteer will visit with you in your home. The home visit helps us get to know you and better understand your expectations for your foster dog.

Please know that once you are approved to be a foster home for Carolina Basset Hound Rescue you have the right to foster on your schedule. You can foster for a time period, take a break, and then resume fostering at a later time. If you think you want to become a foster home please go ahead and get approved! Then you have the luxury of saying yes at the last minute when a basset pops up that sparks your interest!

Foster Home Privileges

  • Naming Rights, the first foster family will have the honor of naming their foster dog if they so choose.
  • Medical Expenses, all CBHR foster dog related medical expenses while in foster care will be paid for by CBHR.
  • Heartworm preventative and Flea Control for the CBHR foster dog. These products will be provided by CBHR.
  • Food Cost Reimbursement, under special circumstances, foster homes can request CBHR to reimburse the cost of dog food for their foster.

Foster Home Responsibilities

In general, foster homes are responsible for:

  • Food
  • Shelter (indoor living arrangements)
  • Confinement of the foster dog to a fenced-in yard or on leash at all times when not in the confines of a house
  • Housebreaking
  • General Socialization
  • Monthly Up-To-Date Photographs
  • Monthly Updates about health and general well-being

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a foster home for Carolina Basset Hound Rescue. We would love to talk more with you!