Donors for March 2019

Leslie & Mark Armstrong – For Buster – In memory of Our sweet Clyde Barrow that we lost on 21Dec2018
Ashley Clark
Facebook Donations – For Stephanie Caddell’s birthday
Facebook Donations – Diane Adcox
Facebook Donations – Jack McMinn
Facebook Donations – For Sarah Coy’s birthday
Elizabeth Harmon
Lisa McCutchen
Angelique Schmidt – For Daphne the senior basset
Marlene & Lee Sockwell – For Daphne
Steven Spencer – For Fred’s Medical Care
Melissa Stokes – For Blind Bassett from Pickens Animal Shelter
Faye Wilson – – In memory of Otis
Barbara Younkes


Donations for February 2019

Amazon Smile
Leslie & Mark Armstrong
Seth Bradley
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Douglas & Kathleen Dropp – For recent intakes
Facebook Donations – For Robin Meyer’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Stephanie Ward Caddell’s birthday
Nan Fetters – For the 3 bassets rescued from the landlord
Fay Forman
Christine Jacob
Fred & Joanne Light
Garrett Nevenhoven – In memory of Brownie
Nicole Pullen
Michael Roth
Jane & Bruce Sharpe – In honor of Kathie & Art Raymond
Linda & David Stamps – For Sully
Linda & David Stamps – For Doodles
Michael & Brenda Szymanowski
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Danielle Terwilliger – For Samantha’s Care


Donations for January 2019

Janet Barringer – In memory of John Christensen
Eugene Brugger – In memory of Abbie, died 122718. She was a sweet girl, who loved a lot!
Ashley Clark
Christine Jacob
Nancy Madden – In memory of Elvis, my sweet basset
Charles Nimitz
Monique & Heath Rigsby – On behalf of Clyde Rigsby
Rainey Scrocco – In honor of Peggy O. Gettys
Dan Shoemaker
Daphne Spakowsky – For Samantha, the senior from Harnett County
Heather & John Szymankiewicz
Wayne & Susan Taylor – Golden Tag


Donations for December 2018

Lucia Barnes – In honor of Angel – my senior hound
Anne Bartee – In honor of the Nevin Ryan family who adopted a sweet, sweet girl named Molly in about 2011. Molly has since died, but her memory will remain for the rest of our lives.
David Boyer
Ashley Clark
Sharon Cormier – In honor of Dwayne and Page
Sarah Coy
Jane Engelman
Facebook Donations – For Clifton Hill’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Suzanne Boyd’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Paula Stancil’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Terrie Marra’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Abbey Kate’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Patti Edward’s #Giving Tuesday
Facebook Donations – For Tim Hind’s birthday
Carol Green
Laveda Holmes
Michael Jones
Gillian Kemp – In honor of Karen & Earl Gillis
Ron & Melissa Laxton – In memory of our CBHR boy, Nutty Buddy
Anne Middleton – In honor of CBHR
Lee Miller – Calvin, Moses & Lily
James Openshaw
Nicole Pullen
Brian & Emily Reinicker – In honor of Clover
Julie Rice
Kirk Robinson – For MerryBelle
Pamela Rodgers
Gina Schmelzla – For MerryBelle’s Medical Care
Robyn Schnessel – For all the fantastic work that you do to rehab and rehome Bassets around the Carolinas
Jim & Kathleen Senior
John & Joanne Sherlock
Keith Sipe
Sonny & Diaane Sonnenstein
Linda & David Stamps – For Doodles
Leland & Laura Sullivan – In memory of Dorothy Funk
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Lisa Tye – In honor of Ms. Leigh Bolick
Patrick Urban – In memory of Gus Urban, beloved basset of Pat and Diane Urban
Richard Vanstrum
Marian Wischerath


Donations for November 2018

Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Susan Ash – In honor of Elizabeth Ash
Lois Bauer
Mary Berryman
Kenneth Biser
Donna Blackburn
Edgar Blackman – In memory of Mrs. Dorothea Blackman and the love she had for the forgotten ones
Steven Box & MaryEllen Etienne – In honor of Katie (Candy Cane), our 2011 adoption
William Bullock & Patty Rodeheffer
Kristin Cataldo
Charlie Bucket Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
David & Lycrecia Creath – In honor of Mary Hejka
Kristen DeCain – In honor of Elizabeth Atkisson
Sarah DeRemer & Chris Benner
Douglas & Kathleen Dropp
Diane & Bob Ezell
Facebook Donations – In honor of Clifton Hill’s birthday
Facebook Donations – In honor of Erin Revel’s birthday
Facebook Donations – In honor of Paula Stancil’s birthday
Facebook Donations – Collected by Brianna Taylor
Facebook Donations – Collected by Laura Eddy
Michael & Susan Foley
Robert Fry & Mark Fry
Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Christine Jacob
Carol Kindig
Jason Kubik – In honor of Jason Baril
Jeff Lawrence & Amanda Dudley
Marshall Lee – In honor of Clifton Hill
Fred & Joanne Light
Alyce Lord
Joe Mac
Michael & Kathleen Martin
Michael & Susan Master
Katherine McGrath
Anne Middleton
James & Sallie Naves
Network For Good
Kyle Parshall – For forever foster bassets
Eugene & Ann Paschold
Wendie Prince
Geneva Radney – In honor of Sonya Bergschneider’s birthday
Julie Rice
Bruce & Kathleen Salsbury
Jim & Kathleen Senior
Vicki Smith
Wayne &r Susan Taylor
Jerry Weaver
Janet Willis
Joan & James
Ann Young


Donors for October 2018

Linda & David Stamps – For Doodles – In memory of Sadie
Shauna Eggertson
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Don & Jonnie Adee
Roger & JoAnn Amidon – In memory of Sadie Mae
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Andrew & Dianne Dywan
Linda & David Gilbert
Elizabeth Hopp
Paul & Beverly McClanahan – In memory of Sadie Mae Amidon
Network For Good
Craig & Kathy Smith
Deborah Snow
Sarah Webb – In memory of Charlie the basset/lab, 2004-2017


Donors for September 2018

Kristen A
Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Anonymous – In memory of Cotton Zemp – beloved and dedicated basset of treasured volunteer, Robin Zemp
Steph & Joe Artiaco
Sonya Bergschneider
Teresa & Donny Blackwell
Angela & Roger Brown – In memory of Hunter
Sallie Carlisle – In memory of Bizzy
Ashley Clark
Elizabeth Clawson – In honor of Michelle Jones
Alison & Jamie Collins
Suzanne Colwell & Karen Carr
Sarah Coy
Susan Davenport
Cynthia Davis – In loving memory of Winston, our beloved basset
Melissa & James Davis
Patrick Dawkins – For Merrybelle
Pam & Ambrose Dittloff
Barbara & Thomas Driscoll
William Duncan – In memory of Peg Graham of Charleston
Tracy Estes
W. Michael Fagan
Robyn Fedalen
Margaret Franklin
Peggy & John Gettys
Debbie Glasser
Carolyn Grissom
Stephen Haire
Patricia A Halsey
Charles Haynes
Vera B Herst
Ellen Hongo
Elizabeth Gerken Hooten
Susan Horton
Robin & Gene Hottinger
Gary Humphries
Larry & Melanie Hunt – In memory of Princess Maggie May Johnson
Shellie Jett
Brenda & Mark Johnson – In memory of Princess Maggie May Johnson
Aprill Jones – In memory of Walter Mayer and Tammy
Rebecca Katowitz – In memory of Mamie Carter Olive Erwin
virginia klein
Glenda Kroshus
Eleanor & Austin Lacy
Ruth & Martin Loughlin
Aaron Lucier & Clifton Hill
Laura Manson
Julianne Marley & Mark Clarke
Lisa McCutchen
Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue
Anne Middleton
Connie Moen
Shelly Myott – In honor of my 3 CBHR rescue Bassets (Mimi, Sadie & Charley)
Susan Myrick & Amy Matherly
Elizabeth & Nelson Nelligan
Network For Good
Sara Nienow
Charles Nimitz
Gay Noland
Arthur & Marie Norz – In memory of Princess Maggie May Johnson
Janet O’Neil
Linae C Paulsen
Glen & Eileen Pike
Maryanne Poole – For Basset Love in Memory of my former girls Lucy and Ethel and with love from my current old gals Millie and Mattie
Ara & George Radler – For Fred, Angel, Bonnie and Sydney
Michael & Kay Rankin
Michael Roth – In memory of Dallas and Rugar
Sally & Elbert Russell – For Nellie’s vet care
Jennifer Sales & Todd Rock
Prudence Scott
Amanda & Danny Shadrick
Greg & Jerri Smith
David Stephenson
David & Carol Sweatman
Jennifer & Will Tate
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Gary & Rosemarie Teachout
Joseph Theriault
Monique Vandersteur
Nikki Villanueva
George Wilholt
Donna & Gregory Williams
Janet Willis
Faye Wilson – In memory of Otis and Casey


Donors for August 2018

Roger & JoAnn Amidon – In honor of our 50th wedding anniversary and the dear hounds we have gotten from CBHR.
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Elizabeth Harmon
Christine Jacob
Fred & Joanne Light
Network For Good
Nicole Pullen
Wayne & Susan Taylor


Donors for July 2018

Allston Bayless
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Christine Jacob
Network For Good – In honor of Sarah Williams’ birthday
Nicole Pullen
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Sharnai Thompson – In memory of Clyde
Donna & Gregory Williams – In memory of Whitley’s “buddy Bamp”, Don Butler


Donors for June 2018

Sallie Carlisle – In memory of our basset hound Bizzy, one of a kind, beautiful, bossy, busy being bad, beloved.
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Sandra Dangelo
Louise C Hamilton – In memory of Bizzy Carlisle
Christine Jacob
Jean Kubachko – In memory of Stella Sue
Arlane Margolis – In honor of Susan Moschos’s birthday
Network For Good
Charles Nimitz
Linae C Paulsen – For MerryBelle and Jenny
Nicole Pullen
Sally & Elbert Russell – In memory of Browser
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Janet Willis – In memory of Copper

Campaign for Rocky

Don & Jonnie Adee – In memory of our Crickett
Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Susan Ash
Gay Ausband & Ted Brewer
Michael Baker – In memory of Sebastian
Scott & Deb Baltz – In honor of Chloe
Sonya Bergschneider
Harriet Bingenheimer
Megan Birk
Harry & Suzanne Boyd
Cathy Campbell
Kerri & Marc Chenoweth
Vicki Chester & Steve Turner
Susan Clark
Alison & Jamie Collins
Jan Cook
Sarah Coy
Doug & Deborah Cuthill
Carrie Dunn
W. Michael Fagan
Elaine Faria
Theresa Ferryman – In memory of Buford
Nan Fetters
Michael & Judith Foster
Kathleen Franey
Greg & Mary Frye
Peggy & John Gettys
Carol Green
Joy Guenther
Elizabeth Harmon
Richard & Karen Herbert
Vera B Herst
Crystal Hively
Jill Hively

Ellen Hongo
Richard & Judith Hoppe
Ashley Jones
Wendy King
Lisa Klinck – Love Clancy, Gracie and Trevor
Jean Kubachko
Ron & Melissa Laxton
Patricia & James Swan
Dawn Lewis
Aaron Lucier & Clifton Hill
Anne Maitre
Drake Maynard
Lisa McCutchen
Gregory & Deborah Mecomber
Robin Meyer
Anne Middleton
Madeline Miller
Rebekah Mills
Connie Moen
Dennis Mooney
Jackson Moore
Rebecca Nichols
Sara Nienow
Martha Perelli
Ara & George Radler
Michael & Kay Rankin
Michael Roth
Jim & Kathleen Senior
Amanda & Danny Shadrick
Dan Shoemaker & Gary Gourley
Greg & Jerri Smith
Gary & Rosemarie Teachout
Kate Tullis
Monique Vandersteur
Sarah Varga & Mike Grubbs


Donors for May 2018

Pamela Allen – In memory of Flash Bowersox
Susan C Barkes
Harry & Suzanne Boyd
Ashley Clark
Erika Elder – In memory of Don Butler
Larry & Vicki Hall – In memory of Mr. Coach
Patricia A Halsey
Kristen & James Haskins – For Jenny
Doug Hexter
Frank & Eva Honaker
Christine Jacob
Crystal Leifheit
Network For Good
Sara Nienow
Craig & Kathy Smith
Frank Steele
Jan Stern & Aaron Barlow
Dot Valentine – In memory of Grizzly, our beloved friend and neighbor
Angela Walter


Donors for April 2018

Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Thom Freeman & Darren Stuart – In celebration of the birthday of our friend and CBHR Past President Stacey Snyder
Christine Jacob
Janie Lackman
Fred & Joanne Light
Lynch Global Missions and Veterans Fund
Network For Good
Greg & Jerri Smith – In Memory of Lucky
Whiskeys for Whiskers

For Diesel and Friends

Steve & Jodi Ames
Tracey Anderson
Suse Arenz
Becca & Matt Barr
Sonya Bergschneider
Seth Bradley
Angela & Roger Brown
Sallie Carlisle
Dawn & Bruce Clayman
Jan Cook
Van & Karen Cornatzer
Rachel Cupp
Douglas & Kathleen Dropp
Cherie & Michael Reese Earley
Liz Fly & Andy Hollis
Donna Friedman – In memory of LayLa – my beloved bassett
Susan S Gardner
Lauren Gatewood
James Gross & Christine Molloy
Stephen Haire
Elizabeth Harmon
Alice & Jeff Hershberger – In the name of our rescued hound, George
Jill Hively
Matthew & Jennifer Honaker
Kim Thrasher Horne & Frank Horne
Susan Horton
Michaela Iery
Tonya Johnson
Vijaya Kandarpa & Srinivas Pillutla
Brian Keselowski

Lynn Kesler
Lisa Klinck
Patricia (Patti) Lesch & James (Jim) Swan
Jennie Malcolm & Epi Pazienza
Jamie Matthews
Drake Maynard
Anne Middleton
Connie Moen
Ann & Ty Norris
Bruce Olson – In memory of baby Hunter Hansen
Martha Perelli
Lauren & Andrew Pettit
Marjorie & William Ratliff
Michael Roth
Kathryn & Jason Saine
Ansley Schenck & Bryan Lail
Rachael Schultz
Jennifer & Cory Smith
Suzanne Smith & John Winkler
Jennifer & Joshua Steele
Leland & Laura Sullivan – In honor of Penny and Otis
Dana Taylor-getz – In loving memory of our beloved Basset, Cole Beauregard
Gary & Rosemarie Teachout
Kate Tullis
Liz Wells & Matt Matheson
Tim White
Faye Wilson – In memory of our beloved Otis


Donors for March 2018

Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Krystyna Crawford & Karen Crawford
Fay Forman
Gus Hawthorne Foundation
Ellen Hongo
Christine Jacob
Lisa McCutchen
Network For Good
Gerogeanne Reuter
Stephani Sclesky – In memory of Selena
Wayne & Susan Taylor – For Golden Tag Society
Kate Turgeon – In honor of Roy’s first birthday
Triangle United Way
Doug & Sue Welcher – In memory of Eunice June Steese
Donna & Gregory Williams
Diana Wilson
Faye Wilson – In memory of Otis and Casey
David Witt – In honor of Anita Singleton’s & Chris Ferree’s wedding


Donors for February 2018

Richard Butters – For Miss Freddie
Christine Jacob
Robin Meyer – In memory of My sweet boy Buckles
Network For Good
Michael Roth
James & Mary Jo Stuart
Trident United Way
Lisa Tuders


Donors for January 2018

Gela Barnes & Diane Spivey – In memory of Waldo Barnes
Elizabeth Bashore
Robert Callaway
Geoff Christman & Ashley Hink
Ashley Clark
Debbie’s Dawgs
William Duncan – In memory of Margaret
Karen Jones
Patricia Lesch & James Swan – For Helen’s Medical Care
Nicole Pullen – In honor of Archie whom we adopted from CBHR February 2014 and has been giving us love and joy ever since.
Monique & Heath Rigsby
Pamela Rodgers
Wayne & Susan Taylor – For Willie
Bonnie Thorpe – In memory of Ara and George Radler’s CBHR alumni, Gracie, who traveled to the Bridge unexpectedly
United Way Central/NE CT


Donors for December 2014

Don & Jonnie Adee
Grace Anglin – In honor of Buffy-Anne, my basset that I love dearly
Leslie & Mark Armstrong
Elizabeth Ash
Ian & Becky Baird – through Network for Good in honor of Jean Sankey
Bank of America – matching gift for Jeri Small’s volunteer hours
Anne Bartee – In honor of Joanna and Nevin Ryan
Edwin Bernard
Deb& Keith Brooks – In honor of Susan D Metzger
Kelly Burgess
Mary Calhoun – In honor of The Keith Brooks family
Cathy Campbell
Harry Chipman
Van & Karen Cornatzer – In honor of Daisy
Helene Crie Wiesner – In honor of Jennie Malcom’s birthday
Marilyn & John Dilley  – through Network for Good in honor of Jean Sankey
Jane & Mike Englemann
Darla & Jeff Fenton – In honor of August Bauer-Nilsen
Liam & Lee Foley – In memory of Skeeter
John Ford & Dede Godycki – medical fund for Fred
Michael & Judith Foster – In honor of King Walter
Tim & Sharon Zwain Garner
Carol Green
Alan & Julie Hedge
Crystal Hively
Frank & Eva Honaker
Gary Lang – In memory of Dee-O-Gee Lang
Yvette Lauziere
Erin Lawrimore
Fred Light
Jennie Malcolm & Epi Pazienza
Debbie Malta
Lisa McCutchen – In memory of Oliver (basset hound)
Loraine & Wesley McIntosh
Ann Nelson
Lorand Nikoden
Ann Norris
Patricia Nye
Jackie Patton – In honor of Pauline Mikell Grimball
Jennifer Pazienza – In honor of Jennie Malcolm
Pedigree Foundation
Richard & Deb Ponto
Zoe & Alex Ranucci
Art Raymond
Liz & Ray Reilly – through Network for Good in honor of Jean Sankey
Meg Revelle – In honor of Jennie Malcolm’s Birthday
Julie Rice-Tamsen & Peter Tamsen
Monique & Heath Rigsby – In honor of Sawyer
Shelley Roberts
Brad & Allison Roehrenbeck
Robert N Ryan III
Bobby Saunders Joy – In honor of In honor of Heidi, our Carolina Basset Hound Rescue family member!
Ray and Judy Schultz
Ashley Smith – In honor of The Jones, Hodge and Banks Families
Edith Stilley
Mary Jo Stuart
Beverly & Florence Tyler
Triangle United Way
Nancy Voorhees
Justin & Anita Warfford
Ann & David Weatherby
Bob Wood – through Network for Good in honor of Jean Sankey


Donors for November 2014

Leslie & Mark Armstrong
Susan Ash
Mary Ann Barnes
Deborah Benton
Kenneth Biser – In memory of Baby Girl and Lady Jasper
Alice Boeter – In honor of Jean Sankey’s 70th birthday
Seth Bradley – In memory of Pateau, Nyssa, Jean Claude and Marie
Andrews & Emily Browne – In honor of our adopted Basset, Bosley.
Treva Bullard
Kelly Burgess
Maureen Burgess – In honor of Roscoe and Maggie
Marilyn Burns
Skylier Burns
Cindi, Savannah and Benjamin Carter
Anne Wyman Cipolla
Susan Clark
Kelly Clements
Myra & Marty Couch – In honor of CBHR Bassets Emmy and Jack Couch
Sara Coy
Sherry & Jim Cruzan – In memory of Stella
Doug & Deborah Cuthill
Kristin del Rosso
George & Vicki Depta – In memory of Frieda Depta
Natalie Distefano
Pam & Ambrose Dittloff
Nicholas Doubrley
Missy Douglas – In honor of Annabelle and Lulu Goldman
Sallie & Steve Dubay
Wendy Eastman
W. Michael Fagan
Kelli & Bob Fankboner
Nan Fetters
Vince & Beth Firrincieli
Brian Fons
Margaret Franklin
Karen Gavidia
Rebecca Gering
Mary & James Griffin – In memory of Lucy Rankin
Vera B Herst
Kim & Chris Hillebrand
Jill Hively
Carole Hoke & Lauren Padgett
Matthew & Jennifer Honaker – In memory of CBHR alum Danny
Ellen Hongo
Kim Thrasher Horne & Frank Horne
Linda Howald – In honor of my basset Sadie Mae
Katy Johnson
Lisa Klinck – In honor of Clancy, Gracie, Trevor
Ron & Melissa Laxton – In memory of two of the best hounds ever – Flash and Blossom
Alan le Bon
Christopher LeQuire
Wendy Libby – In memory of Winston, beloved basset hound of Jamie Beshears
Debbie Malta
Heather Martin
Douglas Mastin
Edie May
Robert H Mc Lane
Lindsay McNab
Derrick Miller – In honor of Gumbo (Chauncey)
Patricia Millis
Kimberly Mitchell
Connie Moen
Paul Mohr
James & Sallie Naves – For support of new rescues
Sam Needleman – In memory of My Molly-Mimi
Ann Nelson – In memory of Bella and Suze
Connie Nichols
Norine Noonan
Gail W OBrien & Tony LaVopa – In honor of Jennie Malcolm
Beverly (Bloch) Owens – In honor of all who foster
Scott Padgett
Kevin Patrick & Brian Allen – In honor of General Beauregard and Lilly
Becky& Sid Phillips
Win Poor
Brady Quirk-Garvan – In honor of Melissa Garvan
Carol Range
Mason Rankin – In honor of Lucy, Bruno, Luke, and Spooner
Zoe & Alex Ranucci
Marjorie Ratliff
Brian & Emily Reinicker – In honor of Clover
Michael Roth – In memory of Hank and Gracie
Jennifer Sales & Todd Rock
Jean & Roger Sankey – Thank you to all of our volunteers in CBHR. We do make a difference !!
Steve & Brenda Saunders
Bradford Schultz & Constance Arnold – In memory of Droopy and Chuck Dundee
Ronald Scott
Jim & Kathleen Senior
Amanda & Danny Shadrick
Christi Sheppard
Lisa & Jimmy Shulenberger – On behalf of Champ Shulenberger adopted from CBHR June 2011
Charlie Sizemore & Rachael Camino
Lori Slaughter – In honor of our basset hound, Toby
Dave & Courtenay Smith – For Gracie and Barney
Jacob Smith
Marlene & Lee Sockwell – In honor of Lexi
Jeff Stajich
Jonathan Stanley
Sally Stewart
Brandon & Jessica Stilley
Susan Struble
Monika Unsworth – Happy Thanksgiving from Rich, Monika, Axel (still going strong!) & Rupert in Northern Ireland
Merton& Patricia Vance – In memory of Rocket and Bessie
Nikki Villanueva
Andrew Weaver & Heather Jones
Cynthia Leigh Welch – In honor of Clover & Thistle
Cathey J Winfield – In memory of Rip who loved his Humperdinck and Paddy


Donations for October 2014

Animal Medical of Goose Creek
J. D. Campbell – In honor of Jean Sankey’s 70th birthday
Janet Goodwin – For older hound care – In memory of Max #08135
Barbara Huffman – In honor of Calvin Winfield
Patricia Linton – In honor of Sherry Godfrey for her 52nd birthday
James & Sallie Naves – For medical Care for troubled bassets – In memory of Maddie, who we wanted to know, and Dawn, who we so wanted to give a good life
James Openshaw
Eugene and Ann Paschold
Jean & Roger Sankey
Emily Turgeon – In memory Delta Dawn


Donors for September 2014

Roger & JoAnn Amidon – For medical needs
Elizabeth Ash – For medical expenses
James Breeden – In honor of Jim and Lee Breeden (Boomer’s Books)
Pamela Burleyson – For the Male Basset pulled from Rowan Co. Animal Shelter – In honor of Candace Terry
Jimmy & Pam Catoe – in memory of Flash adopted from CBHR in 2009 and passed away 7/30/14
Matthew & Jennifer Honaker – In memory of Danny
T Karlton Jackson – In memory of Calvin (Rip) Windfield
Shellie Jett – In memory of Bandit
Lisa McCutchen  – In memory of Flash Catoe
Mark Olenik from Winfield Supply Inc – In memory of Calvin Winfield


Donors for August 2014

Pamela & Pieter Akkerman
Mary Ann Barnes – for Bailey
Mary Ann Barnes – for Willie
Jessica Bauer
Seth Bradley – for Bailey
Karen Brunetti – In memory of My dear friend Bev Cohen who loved Bassett hounds
Mitchell & Patricia Campbell
Susan Clark – for sick hounds
Walt Bebe Davis – In memory of Paul R. Damico Sr.
Debbie’s Dawgs – for Bailey
Debbie’s Dawgs – for Willie
Debbie’s Dawgs – for Hattie
Wendy Eastman – for Hattie
Casey & Eric Ferri – for Hattie
Casey & Eric Ferri – for Willie
Vince & Beth Firrincieli
John Ford & Dede Godycki
Margaret Franklin – for Willie
Victoria Galaspy – for Hattie
Kurt & Sarah Gauger – matching gift from employer
Josh Goldman – for Bailey
Shannon Haynes
Mike & Margaret Hicks
Elizabeth Hill – for Hattie
Ellen Hongo
Linda Howald – In honor of our basset Sadie Mae
Sean & Shelley Johnson – for Bailey
Bonnie Kuhr
Donna Mantooth – for Hattie – In memory of Jasper Calhoun
Jennifer Martin – for Bailey
Jennifer Martin – for Willie
Douglas Mastin – for Hattie
Robert H Mc Lane – for Willie
Merchants Sales Company – In memory of Terry Miller
Dennis Mooney – for Hattie
Dennis Mooney – for Willie
Dennis Mooney – for Bailey
Connie Nichols
Ann Norris – In memory of Paul Damico
Beverly (Bloch) Owens – for Bailey
Kevin Patrick & Brian Allen
Catherine Policastro – for Bailey
Carol Potter – In memory of Stella and Chelsea, basset hounds who belonged to Marcia and Spencer Morton
Nicole Pullen
Ara &George Radler – for Hattie
Michael Rankin – for Bailey
Marjorie Ratliff
Gary Riley – for Bailey
Gary Riley – for Hattie
Gary Riley – for Willie
Michael Roth – for Hattie
Jean & Roger Sankey – for Hattie
Jean& Roger Sankey – donation of airline miles
Michael Schulman & Ryan Fawcett – for Bailey
Stephani Sclesky – for Willie
Ronald Scott – for Bailey
Amanda & Danny Shadrick – for Willie
Daniel Shoemaker – for Bailey, Hattie and Willie’s vet care
Jerilyn Small – volunteer hours paid through Bank of America
Dave & Courtenay Smith – for Bailey
Jennifer & Cory Smith – for vet bills
Patricia Stemmermann – In memory of Moe
Darren Stuart & Thom Freeman – In memory of our sweet foster dog Barley and in Thanksgiving for his adoptive family, the Dancy family in Kannapolis, NC
Courtney Thurston – for Willie
Maria Tomos – for Willie
Stew & Linda Williams – for Bailey
Margaret Wood – for Hattie
Eleanor Cooper Wright – for Hattie


Donors for July 2014

Don & Jonnie Adee
Patricia L Adsit
All All Is Well
Alston Bayless
Seth Bradley
Anji Brake – for Beau
Rebecca & Matt Bramlett – For Quick
Maureen Burgess – In honor of Roscoe
Cindi L Carter – for Beauregard, Quick and Laura from Savannah and Benjamin (SC Basset hounds)
Harry Chipman – for 3 dogs vet bils
Sara Coy
Elsa & Charles Grossman – for Quick in loving memory of Norman Monroe, who showed us the amazing value of an older, rescued basset.
Sherry & Jim Cruzan – medical for Stella
Doug & Deborah Cuthill
Nicholas Doubrley – For Beau
Nan Fetters – For the three dogs
Vince & Beth Firrincieli – For Beau
John Ford & Dede Godycki
Karen Gavidia
Frank & Eva Honaker
Matthew & Jennifer Honaker – For Beau
Ellen Hongo
Kristie Keenan – For Quick
Jennie Malcolm & Epi Pazienza – For Beauregard
Jennifer Martin
Edie May
Robert H Mc Lane – For Maddie
Kellen Meadows
Ashley Morton
Beverly (Bloch) Owens – For Quick
Kathleen Rollins – In memory of 2 senior beagles passed away at 14 years of age due to cancer
Jean & Roger Sankey – For Beau
Jim& Kathleen Senior
Elizabeth Sewell – For Beau
Amanda & Danny Shadrick
Christiane Smith
Jennifer & Cory Smith – For Quick
Darren Stuart  & Thom Freeman – Care for Beau, Quick or Laura In memory of Bentley, Watson, Arthur, Muriel and Pumpkin (honorary basset)
Jayson Traxler – In memory of Henry Dog
Nikki Villanueva  – For anything Stella Needs In honor of Pua and Piper, two golden retrievers who love to help their basset friends!
Nikki Villanueva – For any Senior Hound In Need
Anne & John Wagner


Donors for June 2014

Vickie & Jerry Akers – In honor of Chester
Leslie Balch – In memory of Frieda Depta
Harry & Suzanne Boyd – From Tillie and Crash Boyd
Jack & Julie Canny
Christine Castaneda – friend of Ringo Vitkovic
Mary Cooling – In honor of Quick
Elizabeth Driver – In memory of Roger Ellis and Carolyn Driver
John & Gay Harris – in memory of Terry Miller
Ted & Kim Holstein – Funds from donated craft items
Craige Koontz – In memory of Terry Miller
Robert Mitchum, CEO Network Services Company – In memory of Terry Miller
Michael Smith
Cameron & Jackie Winston – For Andrew


Donors for May 2014

Lois Affholder
Shannon Alford – In memory of My basset Miss Rosie
Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Susan Ash
Elizabeth Atkisson
Ashley Bailes – In memory of Emma Stewart, my first friend!
Scott & Deb Baltz – In honor of Guidry, Molasses and Chloe
Mark & Lucy Barry – In memory of Terry Miller
Susan & Mac Baughman – Let’s get intake reopened asap
Kenneth Biser – In memory of Baby and Jasper
Seth Bradley – In memory of Claude and Marie
Karl & Karen Brenneman
Andrews & Emily Browne – In honor of Bosley, a 2007 adopted basset
Melissa Buchanan
Lauren Caldwell – In honor of Gracie Girl
Melissa Capel & Wayne Hardy – In memory of Emmylou
Cardinal Gibbons High School
Central Paper Products – In memory of Terry Miller
Michelle & Douglas Chaffin For the little guy with the ear infection.
Joe Chen – In memory of Terry Miller
Louis Chertow – In memory of Terry Miller
Harry Chipman
Becky Cipriano
Susan Clark – for the 14 year old male with ear infection
Kelly Clements – in memory of Haley McCalister
Van & Karen Cornatzer – in thanksgiving for their basset Daisy AKA Dixie Belle
Henry & Bobbie Cox – to reopen intake
Sara Coy – for Roscoe
Sara Decker – For the 14 year old boy who go dumped at the shelter
Kristin del Rosso
Sarah DeRemer & Chris Benner – In honor of Willie & Dixie.
Natalie Distefano – for Roscoe in memory of Otis, our sweet basset rescue
Diversified Sales Marketing – In memory of Terry Miller
Nicholas Doubrley
Barbara & Thomas Driscoll
Daniel & Frances Dunn – In memory of Terry Miller
Jane & Mike Englemann
W. Michael Fagan – For Roscoe
Nan Fetters
Vince & Beth Firrincieli – In memory of Brigitte and Gracie
Lindsey Flower – In memory of Wendy
Kurt & Sarah Gauger
Karen Gavidia – For Laura in honor of My beloved beagle, Bailey
Meridith Gibbs – In memory of Emma Stewart, the sweetest, most loving Bassett: from her New Bern Friends. Elizabeth and Dusty, Johnny and Lesley, Meridith and Breck, Duffy and Ken, Erin and Ryan, Mary Margaret, Aira and Graham, Wendy and Buddy, Alison and JR, SC and Wood,
Angela Goodman – In memory of Egor, Barney & Jett
Mary Griffin
Rene Halisky – For the 14 year old rescue
Jan & Michael Hanan – In memory of Terry Miller
Kelly Hatch –  In honor of Snickers the Bassett hound
Jill Hively
Debra Hokanson – In honor of Sam & Patch
Ted & Kim Holstein
Rebecca & Donald Holzer, MD – For the senior coming out of the shelter In honor of Lucy, adopted from CBHR, living the good life in VA
Matthew & Jennifer Honaker – For the 14 y/o male in memory of CBHR alum Danny
Ellen Hongo
Russ Linda Howald – In honor of their basset Sadie – the love of their life
Erin & Dane Hunter – In memory of Tillman and Thurmond
Sarah Jackson – In memory of Charlie Basset. A second chance, well loved hound
Sarah Jackson – In memory of Charlie girl basset. The reason I found CBHR
Michelle Johnson – In memory of Jose and Bobo
Aprill Jones – In memory of Elmo
Jackie Kirkman – In memory of Terry S. Miller
Kimberly Knott – For the 14-year-old who needs help!
Jennifer Larke – In memory of Clancy Larke
Barbara Legg – In honor of all of our past and present Basset babies
George & Phyllis Leventis – In memory of Terry Miller
Patricia Linn – For the old guy with the ear infection. Please help him!
Aaron Lucier – In honor of Our many fosters…
Colin Mackenzie – To help the 14 year old Basset who needs ear care.
Debbie Malta
Timothy MatusZak
Caroline McClintic – In memory of Emma
Karen McCormick – In honor of all of the senior hounds who need to be fostered
Lisa McCutchen
Patricia Millis – Opening Intake
Ashley Morton
Sam Needleman – In memory of Beauregard
Debra Oakley – In memory of Terry Miller
Maxinne Ocampo – In honor of My two pups, Enzo and Desmo.
Beverly (Bloch) Owens – In honor of Twinkie
Kevin Patrick
Penske Truck Leasing – In memory of Terry Miller
Glenn & Mary Ann Preston  – to help senior bassets
Nicole Pullen
Marjorie Ratliff – Reopen intake
Art Raymond
Randall & Linda Robbins
Joanne Rogers – In memory of Henry Albert Rogers
Michael Roth – for Stella – In memory of Hank and Gracie
Michael Roth – for Roscoe
Thomas Ryan – In memory of Uncas
Jean & Roger Sankey – for new intake – In honor of Linda and Garrett Vogland for stepping up to the plate on Memorial Day Weekend
Jean & Roger Sankey – In memory of Cade, our tiny Basset pup, the wiggleworm, so healthy and strong. Lived 9 days–affected Jean, Roger and Becky Gering’s family–be at Peace, tiny boy.
Jean & Roger Sankey – In memory of Terry Miller, our loyal friend and supporter
Bobby Saunders – for Joy – In honor of In honor of Heidi and in memory of Rosie and Claude
Steve & Brenda Saunders
BK Scheiber – for Roscoe
Jim & Kathleen Senior
SE Paper Products Pigeon Forge Distribution Center Staff – In memory of Terry Miller
Joy Shackelford – In memory of Terry Miller
Shilling Supply Company – In memory of Terry Miller
Daniel Shoemaker
Shelia & Frank Sistare, Jr. – In memory of Terry Miller
Kimberly Slusher – for the 14 year old with ear infection
Ashley Smith – for the 14 year old – In honor of Sully and Eddie
Greg Smith – In honor of Our Bassets
Jennifer & Cory Smith
Jerry Speight
Patricia Stemmermann
Mary Jo Stuart
Angela & Bill Suggs – to reopen intake
Leland & Laura Sullivan – In honor of OTIS AND PENNY
David & Carol Sweatman – for the14 year old with ear infection
Jeff Taylor – In memory of Terry Miller
The Sweet Shop – In memory of Terry Miller
Mary Ann Thomas – In memory of Loose Lips Lucille ATB 2009.
Katelyn Uhlemann – In honor of Lucy and beautiful bassets everywhere
Charles Vaught
Lisa Vohoska
Al Wachter & Jennifer Rosenberg – in memory of Terry Miller
Richard Wade
Anne & John Wagner
Lem & Joanne Walker – In memory of Terry Miller
Lara Wepprecht – In memory of Gus & Gertie Mae & Sammy
John & Margaret Wheeler – in memory of Tulip. Pet of Karen Wheeler
White & Hodge Co. – In memory of Terry Miller
Allison Williams – In memory of Emma
Gary & Tamara Wiren
World Food – In memory of Terry Miller
Wright’s Gourmet House/Jeffrey Mount – In memory of Terry Miller
Dale Ziegler – In memory of Terry Miller


Donors for April 2014

Corey Anders Sent by Durable Packaging – In memory of Terry Miller
Harry & Suzanne Boyd – for Beau
Erin Caldwell – In honor of Tides Johnson’s birthday
Jack & Julie Canny
Laura Childs – for Laura
Harry Chipman
Rachel Curtin – In memory of Terry Miller
Sandra Durham – from Tupperware party
Michele Edge – for Laura
Jane & Mike Englemann – In memory of June Roby
Cindy Fiumara (Sabert Corporation) – In memory of Terry Miller
Kathryn & Kenneth Graves –  In memory of Nixon
Brian Hadley – In Memory Of Terry Miller
Phyllis Hosbach – for Laura
Missy & Jim Johnson – total donations from Tide’s b’day party
Missy & Jim Johnson – donations from wine tasting event
Allen King – In memory of Terry Miller
Fred Light
Susan Lorentz – for Laura
Cheryl Methvin – for Laura
Bill & Tina Morrissey – In memory of Zoe, Molly and Jovie Malta
Marvin Neuwirth
Melanie Nikdel –  In memory of Wesley
James Openshaw
Glenn & Mary Ann Preston
Lena Raberg – for Laura – In memory of Shiloh
Eric Sumner (SCA Tissue) –  In memory of Terry Miller
Robin Stanley – In memory of Terry Miller
Trident United Way from anonymous donors to the Trident United Way
Anne & John Wagner
Kerry Wargo –  For Laura – In memory of Maggie
Clay Williams
Steven Zserai


Donors for March 2014

Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Joseph BaumannIn memory of Our 15 year old Candy girl that we lost last year and for our 3 year old Beauford that we lost last year in an accident. We miss them both, but know giving back will help others. Our other two bassets are rescues as well. Jb & Ab
Sonya BergschneiderIn honor of all the wonderful bassets who have passed on before and to those who give us unconditional love on a daily basis. Also for our 25th wedding anniversary.
Patricia BoggsIn honor of Lucy.
Karl & Karen BrennemanIn memory of Our sweet Buttercup
Skylier Burns
Stephanie & Josh Caddell – In honor of Bo, Daisey, and Rosco. May all pups be as lucky as they are!
Harry Chipman
Shirley Cordell
David & Beth CormellAngel – for Betsy
Craig CorzineIn memory of Fred and Murphy
Debbie’s Dawgs – In honor of sweet Lola
Sarah DeRemer & Chris BennerIn honor of Dixie & fellow CBHR hound, Willie
Barbara & Thomas Driscoll – In memory of Buttercup
Nan Fetters
Vince & Beth FirrincieliIn memory of Brigitte
Victoria Galaspy
Amy Glenn-VegaIn memory of my basset Snoopy Vega. Not a CBHR hound, but he was the rescued basset who made me fall in love with the breed!
Annette GodseyIn honor of Alice Guardiola and the BaRCSE group
Charles Haynes
Regina Hogan
Ellen Hongo
Judy Hundley In honor of my 12 year old Bassett Buster
Glenda Kroshus
Jennie Malcolm & Epi PazienzaIn memory of Sophie
Debbie Malta
Michael & Susan MasterIn memory of Mom
Robin & Robert Masters In honor of Our beautiful Harley
Terry Miller
Dennis Mooney
Marvin Neuwirth
Beverly Owens – For Betsy, Maggie and Bosco
Scott Padgett – In honor of Awesome Jake!
Kendall Page
Andrew Paradise
Stanley Pelz – In honor of Howie (Karen Sadler’s Basset). Saying prayers for a speedy recover for Howie.
Tricia Pierson & Jeff DeKosterIn memory of Lolly – my basset hound of over 13 years
Donna Rhodes In honor of my Bassets
Michael Roth
Jean & Roger SankeyIn memory of Bonnie’s Lola
Bobby Saunders – for Joy In honor of Heidi and in memory of Rosie and Claude
Jim Senior
Elizabeth SewellIn honor of Lola Belle, who looks just like an older Miss Betsy!
Jacob Smith – In honor of the good folks at CBHR – I wish and hope I can do more.
Jennifer & Cory SmithIn memory of Flash, our sweet basset girl we miss so much.
Joy & Thomas Southerland In memory of Rose Fleming 15 year old basset belonging to Anne and Steve Fleming
Lauren Steele & Fran SteeleIn memory of Huckleberry Walsh basset of
Laura, Austin and Charlotte Walsh
Brandon & Jessica Stilley
Jeff Tharp
Jeff Tucker
Lisa Tudor
Christine Williams
Scott & Catherine Woods


Donors for February 2014

Mary CoolingIn honor of Boo and Champ
Sherry & Jim CruzanGolden Tag – for Stella
David Foster In memory of Marcie Hall
David FosterIn memory of Rocky the dog Bullard!
Missy & Jim Johnson
Siobhan Levifor Pops – In memory of Debbie Winchester – pawtners
Fred Light
Debbie Malta
Marvin Neuwirth
Karen & Eric SadlerAdoption Sponsor
Aija SaulIn memory of Kate S. Gillison
Jim Senior
Margaret SiltonIn memory of Maxwell, our late and much loved basset 1998-2012
Anne & John Wagner
Rebecca Williford

Donations for Beauregard’s Surgery

Vickie & Jerry AkersIn memory of my good boy Bentley the Bassett- passed Aug 23rd 2013
Carla AndersenIn memory of Cookie and Henry
Jennifer AndrewsIn honor of my family’s basset hounds, Eddie and Bessie
August Bauer-NilsenIn memory of Katie B-N
Deborah BentonIn honor of Sweet P Benton
Sonya BergschneiderI have to donate to a fellow Beauregard. Hope he feels better and finds his forever home soon.
Karl & Karen Brenneman
Sarah Bullock
Skylier Burns
Becky Cipriano
Robert & Rachel Brune
Craig CorzineIn memory of Fred and Murphy
Sara CoyIn memory of Fred and Ethel
Nicholas Doubrley
Ann Duffy
Nan Fetters
Sherry & Bret Godfrey
Stacy GriffinIn honor of my basset adopted son Beau and his basset sister Gracie Belle
Michele HarrisIn memory of Otis, who had similar markings (open blanket Tri)
Jill Hively
Debra Hokanson In honor of Sam and in memory of Patch
Rebecca & Donald Holzer, MD
Matthew & Jennifer HonakerIn memory of our Basset and CBHR Alum Danny who passed. We miss him dearly.
Ellen Hongo
Kim Thrasher Horne & Frank HorneIn honor of Tootsie Roll
Susan HortonFrom fellow houndies Elinor and Walter
Linda Howald
Erin & Dane Hunter
Alan le Bon
Jennie Malcolm & Epi PazienzaHere’s to a speedy recovery, buddy.
Debbie Malta
Margaretanne MasoIn honor of Greta, Dory, Buddy & Flash Maso (Hounds)
Robin & Robert MastersIn memory of Harley
Robert H Mc LaneIn honor of Khloe
Jan McNamara
Sara Nienow
Sherrill Owens
Kendall Page
Catherine Policastro
Win PoorIn honor of Molly Brown
Marjorie Ratliff
Michael RothIn memory of Hank and Gracie
Jennifer Sales & Todd RockIn honor of all Bassets waiting to be rescued
Jean & Roger Sankey
Steve & Brenda Saunders
Albert Semer Jr
Amanda ShadrickIn memory of our Bassets, Sophie and Luke
Dave & Courtenay SmithIn honor of all my long eared basset loves
Jennifer & Cory Smith
Marlene & Lee SockwellIn honor of Lexi that we adopted several years ago who brings smiles to our faces often
Brandon & Jessica StilleyIn honor of Miss Daisy May XXI
Wayne & Linda StoweIn memory of Floyd Stowe
Wiliam StricklinIn honor of our two best friends Lilly and Gus. Without them Rachel and I would be missing something. We couldn’t imagine life with out them and this little basset should get the same love.
Monika UnsworthIn honor of Axel, our Southern Gentleman
Laura VitzthumFrom Laura, Kevin, and Freddy Neill
Andrew Weaver & Heather JonesIn memory of CBHR hound Flash- He passed away peacefully September 9th.
Robin Zemp


Donors for January 2014

Elizabeth Atkisson – In memory of our friend and fellow Basset, Danny Honaker, from Henry and Lucy Atkisson
Arthur Cochran
Rachel & David Farrior – Adoption Sponsor
Robert Fry & Mark Fry – In memory of Rufus, our 1st Basset
Judy Hundley – Golden Tag – In honor of In honor of our 12 year old Basset Buster
Connie Nichols
Michael Roth – Basset Angel – In memory of Florence Roth she cared so much for dogs


Donors for December 2013

Don & Jonnie Adee – We love our Cricket!
Vickie & Jerry Akers – for Jake and Pops – In memory of Bentley Akers
Roger & JoAnn Amidon – In honor of Fred, one of our rescues, to help a senior like him get medical treatment
Kenneth E. Andrews – In honor of The Ray Simmons Family
Lucia Barnes – for Boscoe
Anne Bartee – In honor of Nevin and Joanna Ryan and also of Molly, one of your seniors featured in November
August Bauer-Nilsen – In memory of My sweet Katie
Sonya Bergschneider – In memory of Newman, our beloved CBHR basset boy
Sonya Bergschneider – In memory of Miss Mya who was our Beauregard’s best friend
Edwin Bernard
Beverly Bloch – Basset Angel
Seth Bradley – In memory of Plateau Nyssa Jean Claude Marie
Jimmie & Pam Catoe – In memory of our sweet Bubba Luck who passed away November 9, 2013
Edwin & Amy Cheek – In memory of Lisa Blalock and her basset George of Durham, NC
Harry Chipman
Becky Cipriano – In memory of Sadie
Edwin & Doris Cline – In memory of Lora H. Hahn
Van & Karen Cornatzer – In memory of Sadie and in honor of Daisy
Myra Couch – In honor of Emmy and Jack – My CBHR Rescues
Pam & Ambrose Dittloff – In memory of Annie
Victoria Galaspy – for Jake in memory of My Beloved Brentley
Kurt & Sarah Gauger – In memory of Lucy Bush, a 14 year old basset hound who passed away at the end of this October
Jennifer Guy – In memory of David McKethan
Sharon Hailey – In honor of Molly and The Ryan Family
Ann Hefner – for Wilhelm
Jill Hively – for Jake, Pops, Beauregard, Boscoe
Barbara Nebenfuhr Hoffer – In honor of Jake
Debra Hokanson – In memory of Patch
Mary Lou Kehus
Craige Koontz – In honor of Terry Miller
Jennie & Epi Malcolm – In memory of Sophie, my basset-beagle
Debbie Malta
Julianne Marley – In honor of Henry(15) and Bailey Boo (10)
Michael & Susan Master
Karl& Cheryl MdGrath – In memory of Robert Armstrong
Susan Metzger – In lieu of Christmas presents for Deb and Keith Brooks
Andrew Miller – In honor of Terry Miller
Benjy Miller – In honor of Terry Miller
Lewis Miller – In honor of Terry Miller
Terry Miller – for Jake, Pops, Beauregard
Marvin Neuwirth
James Openshaw
Scott Padgett
Catherine Policastro – In honor of my basset Daisy, who loves everyone, dogs and people, cats too
Jacquelyn Pruett – In memory of our beloved Miss Lucy Busch
Nicole Pullen
Brady Quirk-Garvan – Christmas gift in honor of Melissa Garvan
Michael Rankin – for Jake and Pops
Art Raymond – for Jake and Pops
Brian Reinicker – In honor of Clover
Laura & Dennie Rexroad – In memory of Dixie Lady Rexroad
John & Allison Roberts – In lieu of Christmas presents for Deb and Keith Brooks
Rebecca Robinson – Golden Tag – In memory of Mulligan and Bogey
Michael Roth – for Sawyer, Gracie and Hank
Robert Ryan – In honor of Joanna Bartee Ryan, Sugar Land, Texas
Karen & Eric Sadler – In honor of Boscoe, we are requesting a speedy recovery! Love, Casey and Gracie Sadler (2 Weims who love their Basset brothers and sisters)
Karen & Eric Sadler – In honor of Beauregard, we are requesting a speedy recovery! Love, Etta and Jack Jack Sadler (fellow Bassets)
Karen & Eric Sadler – In honor of Pops, we are requesting a speedy recovery! Love, Deyona, Polly and Bailey Sadler (fellow Bassets)
Karen & Eric Sadler – In honor of Jake, we are requesting a speedy recovery! Love, Ronnie & Howie Sadler (fellow Bassets)
Jean & Roger Sankey – for Jake
Bobby Saunders – Golden Tag – In memory of Rosie and in honor of Heidi, our one eared wonder!
Zachary Smith – for Jake’s treatments
Nathan Snodgrass – Basset Angel
Bill & Teresa Stern
Brandon Stilley – In honor of Miss Daisy May XXI
Susan Struble
Mary Jo Stuart – In honor of Our Sweet Annie
Lisa Vohoska – In honor of All my bassets past and present
Anne & John Wagner
Cathey J Winfield – In honor of Humperdinck (aka Shorty) and Paddy (aka Casey)
Cindy Wright
Robin Zemp – Golden Tag – In honor of the CBHR Officers


Donors for November 2013

Elizabeth Ash – On behalf of Richard Vanstrum
Maureen Burgess
Barbara Eucker
Walli Gnatowski
Sherry Godfrey
K9.5 Rescue
William Kamszik
Lisa McCutchen – In memory of Bubba Luck Catoe
Jeff Miller
Marvin Neuwirth
Nicole Pullen
Allison Rathert
Maria Reier
Laura Saylor – In memory of Fred Renwick
The Pet Doctor
Triangle United Way
Diana Wilson


Donors for October 2013

Elizabeth Copple – In memory of Robert Armstrong
Terence Daniels – On behalf of Doug and Deb Cuthill in memory of Clifford
Kim & Chris Hillebrand
Brian Keselowski
Michael Rankin
Krista Ross – In memory of Molly
Joanna & Nevin Ryan – In honor of our little girl Molly, a CBHR alum
Jacob Smith – In memory of my first Basset Klapa – but also in love for my current bassets Cassie and Ezekial, and all the other bassets in the world that just need a home.
Marlene & Lee Sockwell
Jeff Stajich – In memory of Max and Blue
Larry Wilson – In memory of Robert Earl Armstrong

For Medical Treatment for Betsy and Bella Lancaster

Lucia Barnes
August Bauer-Nilsen
Anita Brooks
Anne Buford
Vicki Chester
Robert Coombs & Thea Brune
Geneva Cooper
John & Nicole Dalton
Sarah DeRemer
Natalie Distefano
Nan Fetters
Allicia Giuseppe
Janet Goodwin & Theresa Terrell
Mary Gregg
Jill Hively
Rebecca Holzer & Donald Holzer, MD
Ellen Hongo
Christian & Susan Horne
Susan Horton

Judy Hundley
Nancy Kay
Alan LeBon
Shaela Light
Robin Masters
David & Carol Minor
Jen & Rob Nance
Joanne Rogers – Bella & Betsy Henry, my beautiful red basset who left this world much too early. I miss him and will always love him
Michael Roth
Karen & Eric Sadler
Jean & Roger Sankey
Jerilyn Small – In memory of CBHR Alum Noelle/Elle
Jennifer & Cory Smith
Darren Stuart
Laura Vitzthum
Tim & Ashley White


Donors for September 2013

Donna Hagerty – in memory of Tina and Bill Morrisse’s A.J.
LLC HSPD Enterprises
Edward Jones – in memory of Lara Hahn
Marvin Neuwirth
Amelia Posner-Hess
Bobby Saunders
Pat Schuck – in memory of Lara Hahn
Jim Senior
Jennifer Smith


Donors for August 2013

Don and Jonnie Adee – in memory of Cricket
Jennifer Blanco
James Breeden
Karen Davis
Tina Ferraro – for Gramps from Duplin
Carol Green
Ann Hefner – for Vilhelm
Kristy L. Mai – in thanks for saving Gramps
Joseph Mooney – in memory of Buttercup Brenneman
Marvin Neuwirth
Michael Roth – in memory of Hank and Gracie
Jim Senior
Joanne Sherman – in memory of Nicholas Woronko
Ronald and Elaine Stewart
Diana Wilson


Donors for July 2013

In Honor of Mo and Chloe–Scott Baltz
In Memory of Judy Potter–Chuck and Susan Beck
In Honor of my senior ladies Clarabelle, Brodie and Suzi–Leslie Bensinger
In Honor of Baby and Jasper–Kenneth Biser
In honor of our beloved basset rescue, Beau–Lisa Blizzard
In Honor of Jeane Claude & Marie Bradley–Seth Bradley
In Honor of Bosley Browne, a 2007 Rescue–Andrews and Emily Browne
In Honor and Memory of our CBHR bassets past and present: Blanche, Gordon, Maggie, and Roscoe–Maureen Burgess
In Honor of Jack, Knox and Maci–Patrice Christian
In Honor of Emmy and Jack–Myra Couch
In Memory of Archie Gardner, the most wonderful labrador you could ever meet–Carol Gardner
In Memory of our grand dog Bruno Rankin, 2005-2012–John & Carol Gasbarro
In honor of my good friend, Terry Miller–Peggy Hamilton
To help the great job that you’re doing–Charles Haynes
From Walter & Elinor to their fellow hounds–Susan Horton
In recognition of Jenni Edmonds, who provided a wonderful home for our Tayter, aka Dierks–Jennie Malcolm
We are the adoptive family of Paulie–Ginny Marhanka
This is to help out with the 12 rescues y’all saved recently; thank you for all you do. God bless you all!–Carolyn McCollum
In Honor of Lucy (fka Trudy)–Lillian McGrath
In Honor of Liz McKee’s birthday–Becky McKee
In Memory of Freddi and Sammy Neuwirth–Marvin and Sarah Neuwirth
In Memory of Pokie and Sprite, our pound puppies who lived with us for seventeen happy years–Carolyn Niessner
In Memory of my sweet dog Henry ATB–Joanne Rogers
In Honor of Norton and Buster–Steve & Brenda Saunders
In Honor of Wilford–Charlie Sizemore
In Honor of our basset Daisy!  A true companion for many many years–Frank Smith
In Honor of Blue and Max–Jeffrey Stajich
In Honor of Rosie (Bowzie) that we adopted in 2011.  She was a last minute shelter pull that has, and continues to make my wife and I smile daily–Tim White
In Honor of Sally, my first basset forever foster–Carla Zarins
In Memory of Bailey–Robin Zemp
Melanie Barnes
Kelly Burgess
Vicki Chester
Anne Wyman-Cipolla
Sheri Doubrley
Barbara Driscoll
Ann Duffy
Rebecca Gering
Jill Hively
Susan Horton
Lorne Lassiter & Gary Ferraro
Connie Moen
Laura & Kevin Neill
Connie Nichols
Rebecca O’Neal
Win Poor
Joanna Ryan
Jennifer Sales
Kathleen Senior
Jennifer Smith
Ashley Smith