Hello everyone! My name is Winston and I am one of the news guys here at CBHR. If there was ever a dog that the song “Mellow Yellow” was written for it is handsome ole me. I am a champion napper, snoozer, cuddler and lovebug. Wherever you are is where I want to be, whether cuddled up on the couch watching television (I don’t mind watching whatever you want to watch!), or planting myself in the middle of the kitchen while you’re making dinner. Even a trip to the vet’s didn’t phase me – I just made friends with everyone there.

The first night in my foster home they didn’t latch the front door properly when they took the other two dogs out for a walk. Boy were they surprised when they turned around and I was trotting right a long with them saying “Hey guys, wait up!”. It took me about a week to fully relax (and find out where the toy box was), but now that I am all settled in, I just love to play with the other dogs, run around and toss toys with them.

Unfortunately I have heart worms and I am getting my treatments right now so I have to take it easy and rest. I do well in the crate especially when my foster family plays “chase the treat inside the crate”.

Winston-sleepI am working on my house manners and I am catching on pretty quickly. I am learning how to ask to go outside to go potty and I am figuring that out pretty quickly. Since I am only about two or so I am still a bit of a puppy. Sometimes I like to nibble on things that don’t belong to me. “Hey, that laundry basket looked an awful lot like my toy basket! That was an honest mistake.” I never had anyone give me treats before so I get a little (OK maybe a lot) over-enthusiastic about yummies. I am learning about how to take them gently and nicely. I am catching on to that one too. Now that I know it is not the last yummy I will ever get and I am not totally starving I am figuring it out.

Foster Mom says I have a giant personality and I love dogs and people. I do enjoy chasing the cat around the house. I don’t really want to eat the cat, I just think it is fun to chase it around. Needless to say I don’t think the cat is very impressed with this game of mine. I love being part of a family and once I am done with my treatments I will be ready to find my forever home. You can check out my profile and see some more pictures of me. Don’t forget to share these posts with your friends so we can all find our forever homes. I will come back and give you an update about how I am doing in a couple of weeks.