Update on Charlotte

Update on Charlotte

You may remember when we took in Charlotte the first week of July. She had a spinal injury as a result of having been hit by a car. The shelter had no way of evaluating the injury and was considering euthanasia because she was in so much pain.

Through your generosity, we were able to pull Charlotte from the shelter and see that she had the surgery that she needed. She is recuperating beautifully. Here is an update from her foster dad:

Charlotte is turning into a high-energy puppy-like girl. She wants to do whatever the big boys do, including sneaking up the stairs when Charlie moves the gates (with their 32 lbs of weights in front of them).

Charlotte still has a distinct gait; unknown if she’ll return to a “normal” gait or whether she’ll always have a little hitch in her giddy-up. Every now and then her back right foot will knuckle under, but it’s been getting less & less frequent. But she doesn’t care. She’s starting to run a bit while playing. The back legs are more of a bunny hop, but she moves with some speed. She is getting very playful; loves to pick toys out of the bin and chew/throw /pounce on them. When she’s done playing, she’s a big cuddle-bug; will snuggle into you and settle into a very nice Basset nap.

So, in summary, Charlotte is a little girly-girl who likes to play in mud puddles and play “anything you can do, I can do better” with her big foster brothers.

She got medically cleared to start going on short walks and to start practicing up/down (down being more important; she figured out up already). She got confirmed as NOT having dry eye, and her skin is doing nicely. We’ve observed that her eyes get red if she’s stressed, like being at the vet or being put into the bathtub. As soon as we drove away from the vet, her eyes returned to full white. 🙂

Look how she is walking!