Tides found us when I think about it now. The very first time we met he was climbing on me, pulling my camera strap all in an attempt, or so I think now to “adopt” us! We had already decided we were adopting his sister Lola. I also think my best big dog buddy Wy sent Tides to me so I would have someone to watch over me here on Earth as Wy watches from Heaven. That little guardian, angel, new best buddy, heart stealer, Kong lover, comedian, dirt eater, bed buddy, bed hog, co-pilot, shoe chewer, blue eyed, tail Waggin and tv knocker over came in a package we never expected!

TidesTides Sinatra Johnson has brightened our World so much and keeps us hopping! He turned 8 months in November and what an adventure the Tides Experience has been! Tides is finally starting to win all his Brudders over even though he and Gun are besties! We continue buppy proofing because there just isn’t anything he won’t put in his mouth! He’s already 52lbs at eight months and all the vet can say is he is going to be a big boy! Really? You think? Lol!

He’s got an amazing soul and just being with him makes you feel good all the time. He loves to stand outside when it rains and tries to literally bite the rain drops! He’s been to Greenville, Knoxville, Myrtle Beach and for the Howlidays will be going to Asheville with us. He is doing work with my national site dogs4thepaws.com as well as rescues awareness work with his alma mater CBHR. He is learning to be a spokes dog and do reviews for businesses and brands through DFP. He will be attending the Global Pet Expo in Orlando in March with DFP. He’s been featured in numerous promos and sites helping raise awareness for other fuzzy kids in need.

TidesTides hosts his own social page on Instagram as well as Facebook. It’s called Life of Tides. He shares his adventures and daily fun with all who visits.

He’s an Aries like me and we happen to have birthdays just 2 days apart in March! He’s creative, smart, funny and makes you laugh all the time. He’s a great listener and loving son who’s been there with wags and kisses when his Mommy needs them. He’s growing into a big happy boy who never meets a stranger and shares his Tides Love everywhere he goes. You just have to look into his ice blue eyes and he grabs your heart!

Thank you CBHR for the amazing gift of Tides. Being with him is like Christmas Day everyday!

The Johnson’s – Jim, Missy, Lake, Gun, Schooner and buppy Tides!