These Hounds Need Your Help!

senior bassetringo032316_4This spring we have had a bit of a perfect storm. Spring is always “rainy” season when it comes to shelter bassets needing help. This year is no different. Right now we are faced with lots of incoming sick dogs, returned CBHR bassets, and lots of who faced the big “C”. Over the last four weeks we have lost four foster dogs to cancer. We have said goodbye to Molly Kindig, Ozzie Massengill, Gator Vogland, and today, Dixie Hill-Lucier.

Merry Belle (top) came back to CBHR as her own mama is suffering from cancer. Aren’t you glad CBHR is here to protect her? Ringo (below) came to us with over 80 ticks and has a tooth root abscess and leg abscess that need care.

Each of these sweet bassets came to CBHR from a rough past. Two of them were adopted and then returned. However, you all know that once a CBHR dog, always a CBHR dog. And because CBHR and its awesome foster families were there all had a safe place to land. Please thank foster families Carol and Damon Kindig, Brenda and Ronnie Massengill, Linda and Garrett Vogland, and Aaron Lucier and Cliff Hill for giving these hounds the life they deserved all the way to the end. Molly, Ozzie, Gator, and Dixie didn’t know they were foster dogs; they simply knew they were loved and they were home.

We have three goals:

Raise $5000 for our General Medical Fund
Acquire 10 new Basset Backers (this really helps us plan ahead!)
Raise $2000 for our Golden Tag Senior Care Fund

CBHR was there for these hounds because you, our supporters, made it possible. We are very proud that we take the old as well as the young, the sick along with the well. And from all the kind notes we receive, we know you too are glad we take those who need our help. Because of your generous support we can give these hounds with no other option a safe, warm, loving place. However, these does require ongoing donations. The reality is that medical issues, senior care, and end of life care can add up quickly. Spring is here and is ALWAYS our busy time for incoming bassets. Please help make sure we don’t have to say no to any hound who finds himself in need!