The Three Princesses

The Three Princesses

by Daisy Lu Merriman

Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away lived three very beautiful princesses. They were all best friends (forever) and they loved each other very much. That last was a good thing, even a lifesaving thing, because when the lovely girls were two years old, hard times came rolling over them. “What shall we do?” asked one. “Where shall we go?” whined another. The third asked plaintively, with just a tiny ahroohoohoo,“ And how will we do it?”

princess_1Their saggy eyes were full of tears and their long ears drooped to the ground as they set off together to improve their lot in life. No tails were wagging as they wandered through long streets, wide fields, and, scariest of all, rushing traffic. Their coats became dull and their ribs began to show, because princesses are meant to be loved and cared for by people, kind people, who can feed them, keep them safe, and shower them with hugs and pats.

Soon enough, it became clear that they could NOT do these things for themselves, and soon they were picked up as “Strays” and taken to an animal shelter. This was NO life for princesses of any kind and the lovely ladies were very sad indeed. Many ahroohoohoos rang out all night long.

2_princessesOne day, there was a wiggle, and then a jiggle of the lock on their cage (Yes! A CAGE!!) and the door opened. There stood four kind humans, who seemed surprised to see THREE princesses. The two young twoleggers, Cheyanne and Hanna, knew right away what to do: give them names worthy of their status. Cheyanne and her grandmother, Evelyn, named Ariel and Juliette, and Hanna and her grandmother, Linda, realized they had none other than Fiona with them. You see, the grandmothers are volunteers with Carolina Basset Hound Rescue, and they wisely took their grandchildren along on this pull from a shelter.

Only children of a certain age can recognize true princesses, even if they are drooly, licky, wriggly, wrinkly, scared and skinny, lovely BASSET HOUNDS, and these houndies were sorely in need of some recognition and all the love and care that attends hound royalty. Today the ladies are living with loving foster families and finding out how wonderful truly good people can be to their princesses. They have left their fears and sad ahroohoohoos behind. They still have droopy eyes, but they never fill with tears, and the sounds they make are the sounds of hounds in love with their lives and their people: “AHROOO!!!” “AHROOOOO,!””AHROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!