Good evening! My name is Sadie, but my foster Mom calls me Sadie Bug. I am about 10 years old and I was turned in to the shelter along with a golden retriever. I have been with these great folks at CBHR since June and I am really ready to find my forever home. I was going to tell you all about myself but it looks like my awesome foster Mom has some great things to say about me.

‚ÄúSadie got attached to me in less than three days. She is so sweet. Sadie, Flash and I all sleep on the couch at night although if my husband would allow it she would sleep in our bed. She is a cuddle bug. She does have a whining issue that drives my husband nuts but he just doesn’t listen well enough. She was used to a doggy door and we do not have one so she does this bouncy whiny thing when she needs to go outside. When I leave the house she cries. When she is hungry she cries and runs to her bowl. She wants me to feed her three times a day but she was overweight when I got her and they told me to limit her food to one cup twice a day, so she’s on Nutromax Senior mixed with a spoon of canned food.”

SadieExcuse me, but I have to say I can’t agree more about folks not listening. How else am I going to get the idea across to people who don’t speak dog??? Like the potty thing: When a girl’s gotta go, a girl’s gotta go. And since you brought up one of my favorite subjects — food — can we chat? “Overweight?” Seriously? Doesn’t that vet know I’m what they call a “full-figured gal?” Sigh. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a basset needs food, and lots of it. Let’s just send that vet back to school, shall we? Now, to continue…

“I have another basset, Flash, who is two years older than Sadie. I do not know Sadie’s birthday but Flash’s is in November, and since they said she was nine and a half, we have decided to celebrate Sadie’s birthday on the same day. She is good with all ages although she wants to be alpha female. She and Flash get along well until it comes to the matter of my attention, but as long as one is on each side of me they are fine. They walk together on a Y leash when we leave the house.”

Oh Flash is the greatest! We are best buds. Flash understands me just fine — no language barrier there. Now sometimes we don’t see eye to eye about who gets the mom person, but we’ve figured out a way to keep the peace. See, if foster mom’s a pie, we each get an equal slice… Ooooh, some pie would be good right about now. Dang! Keep reading while I take care of this drool…

“Flash is a therapy dog, and I put Sadie through the therapy dog test which she passed with flying colors. She then went through her three observation visits and did very well. I now rotate her and Flash on visits. We go to Carolina Behavioral Center, nursing/hospice homes, Shriner’s hospital for children, assisted living homes, and we also do reading programs at several schools. She does very well in all of those settings. She and Flash howl and bark at everything at home, but on visits they do not make a sound and simply adore the petting! If anyone is interested in her and wants to continue the therapy dog program they will have to go through the “test” with her, and then the three observations to make sure they can control her and work well with her.”

Who wouldn’t love being a therapy dog? Going for a car ride with foster mom? Check. Meeting nice people? Check. Getting attention, loves, hugs, kisses? Check. All you houndies listen up: Get yourselves to therapy! Now you have to mind your p’s and q’s while you’re there, but those peeps need some good kisses and drool, just like a basset needs food. Is it snack time yet? Where was I?

“Sadie loves stuffed animals and will play with a ball for a short time. She is playful for a geriatric dog. We have worked through some minor health issues like ear infections, some back leg problems, not to mention dental extractions. She has recovered well and she can eat pretty much anything, and does when given the chance. She would also be a counter surfer if given the chance.”

Yes! Give me a chance to be a counter surfer! Actually, what I meant was give me a chance to be the apple of your eye, the crumpet with your tea, the stuffing in your turkey. Ten is the new 5, you know, so if you’re looking for some mature, yet playful, company, contact those nice folks at CBHR and ask for Sadie. You never know — we just might make some beautiful food together.

November 18, 2013