We adopted Sonny, our first rescue from CBHR, back in February 2009 to hang out with our first rescue, Flash. We think Flash was a hunting dog by his mannerisms. Sonny is a very social hound and soon taught Flash how to play some. Unfortunately Flash got sick very quick right around Labor Day weekend, and we had to lead him to the Rainbow Bridge because he was in too much pain and not strong enough to survive surgery.

Sonny has always been a pack dog; from his initial rescue from a pen of Beagles, to his foster home with their 3 Bassets, to us with Flash. Sonny became very depressed as the solo dog. Unfortunately we were traveling a lot in October, and Sonny’s depression manifested in some bad behavior. We decided to start looking for a new brother or sister very soon into November.

Roxie and SonnyWe visited 2 CBHR hounds, and we knew that Roxie was the one for us. She engaged with Sonny quickly, and she took to us very quickly. She showed that she is a snuggle-pup very quickly. We arranged to adopt Roxie and she very quickly felt at home. Roxie loves car rides, as does Sonny. She loves walks, as does Sonny. She loves the nest that Sonny made under the bedroom window, as does.. Well, you know. Roxie had already gone up to bed in the nest when Sonny came up and walked to the nest. He looked at her for about a minute, and then decided there was enough room for two. We’ve had no boundary issues while sleeping

Roxie is also what we call a “Plop Hound.” She runs up to us and flops down onto her back. “Rub my belly, rub my belly!”. We’ve also seen her go from a full run into a dive with a twist and land on her back.

It’s also funny that we have inverted colors on our hounds; Sonny is red & white, and Roxie is very white with some red.

She’s been great for us, as has Sonny. Everyone at CBHR has been great to work with.