Happy Monday! It’s me, Pops! I hear a lot of you out there have been following my success story with CBHR. Well, the moment you all have been waiting for (I have been eagerly waiting for it too) has arrived. I am up for adoption! I was such a mess when I was at the shelter that they almost didn’t call a rescue to take me. I was really skinny and dirty, and I had a thing called a tumor hanging off of my leg. Well, it was my lucky day and somebody called CBHR and they came to my rescue. They promised me that I would live out my life eating good food and snuggling in a warm bed. I am happy to report that they were telling the truth about the food and the bed!

Since I have been here I have gained 10 pounds, learned to use a doggie door, and I now happily gallop through the house with my three foster brothers. Oh and that tumor I mentioned? I came through my surgery with flying colors. They say it could be a very long time before it ever causes me a problem again. I have to say a BIG thank you to CBHR and its supporters for making all of this possible. Just look at my before and after pictures! Can you even believe how great I look now?

I am looking for a forever home where I can enjoy my senior years. I may be a senior, but I am a pretty spry senior. I have lots of personality to keep you endlessly entertained. Do you have a favorite chair that needs a dog to make it look good? Well then, I am your guy. Someone has let the Basset (I just couldn’t bring myself to say cat) out of the bag about how great us senior dogs are. We have become very popular around here. Check me out. Maybe you can be my perfect match!

Pops Before

Pops After

February 10, 2014