Poly (Bump)

Poly (Bump)

We adopted “Bump” now “Napolean” or “Poly” according to our two boys. We lost our beloved rescue Basset/Lab mix “Shilo” a year ago and our rescue lab mix “B” was terribly lonely. We knew we wanted to adopt another Basset and I was looking through your website and something about Bump at the time with his three legs and fearless personality just spoke to me. Our first introduction was at the Raleigh St Patrick’s Day parade and the boys just loved him. As you can see by the pictures, he as molded right into our family.

Although Poly does have a nose for food and despite his three legged stature has been known to acquire a bunch of bananas from the counter or stalked a little hand ever so quietly for a quick snatch of a grilled cheese, he is by far one of the most patient dogs I have ever encountered. We have two young boys and I am embarrassed to say that on an an almost regular basis I praise Poly for his patience as he gets a baby thumb in the eye, or a little hand pulling up a clump of his skin and fur in an attempt to “pet Poly.” He wants to be right with us at all times and right in the middle of the action even if that means having to endure a few “unpleasant” snuggles:)

bumpHe and B are partners in crime. Whether he uses her as a step stool for balance to get to those hard to reach places for an unauthorized snack, as a wrestling buddy or a pillow, they are always together.

Poly is a star to the neighborhood children as well. It is not unusual for him to be laid on his back enjoying a belly rub among all the children waiting for the bus in the morning or to see and hear kids running across the street to pet the amazing “dog with only three legs.”

We feel so blessed to have him as part of our family and can’t thank your organization enough for what you do

The Anson Family