Please help us save Gabby’s broken leg!

Please help us save Gabby’s broken leg!

CBHR got an urgent call on Friday evening about Gabby. Gabby is a sweet girl who was taken to the vet in Sumter, South Carolina (thanks Dr. Hudson!) as she had been hit by a car and sustained a broken leg. Her previous owners elected to euthanize her. Dr. Hudson said gabby is a lovely girl with a very fixable leg. He asked if he could keep her instead of euthanizing her and work to find her help. He stabilized her leg, got her pain meds on board and called CBHR.

She has a compound fracture and there was fear her leg couldn’t be saved. While three legged dogs do great, if we could save her leg it would give this lovely six year old great quaintly of life. However, it would require the skills of a specialist.

Awesome volunteers jumped into action and got her from Sumpter, SC to the ER in Charleston over the weekend.

Gabby had a 9:00 am appointment with the surgeon and they are working on a surgical plan right now. The reality is, this surgery will be about $2500.

Please help us save Gabby’s leg!

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