Please don’t make us say “Sorry, we’re closed”

The cold hard truth is that CBHR is full and very low on funds and needs to raise $6000 and acquire four foster homes by Friday of this week. The only way we can continue to help bassets in imminent danger of euthanasia is by having foster space and finances to provide for their veterinary care. Currently, we have over 40 dogs in our care. We have made a commitment to give them a better life and will honor that commitment. We need to have funds to be able to care for them AND funds to continue to bring those in shelters awaiting our help.

CBHR was notified of a basset this evening that needs to be returned to us as our motto is, “once a CBHR basset, always a CBHR basset”. This little man has filled our last available foster home. Coupled with no foster space we also only have enough funds to support our 43 dogs for a very short time. Our monthly veterinary bills range from $6000-$7000. Yes, it’s a lot of money. In reality, we need to raise a good deal of money to continue to help our shelter bassets. Can you help us do that? Please do not make us say no to this week’s shelter bassets!