Arrroooo to you!

Hey there! I’m a laid back dude named Wobbles. Yeah, Wobbles – come on, it’s a GREAT basset hound name, isn’t it?? I’ve got my bones all unpacked and I’ve settled into a great foster home, but to be honest I’m REALLY looking forward to a forever home! I’m nine – a great age, if I do say so!

The amazing folks at CBHR are getting me all fixed up and ready for just that. My foster mom says that at first I was a little timid and scared when I first got there, but no more! There’s another dog in my foster him and he wasn’t real friendly at first, but we’re fine now.

My foster mom does NOT lie when she says “His temperament is great – so sweet and gentle.” I love to go for walks on the leash and for a gentleman of a certain age…well, just try to keep up with me! I’ll show you what a basset was born to do!

I can be a little vocal – especially when excited – but hey, I certainly communicate! I love children, other pets too. And if that’s not enough to make you want to adopt me, I am completely house trained – not one accident in my foster home. Come on, who wouldn’t love me? I may be a bit shy at first, but get to know me and I’m too good to be true! 8/21/17