A Basset Named Willie

This is Willie – he recently celebrated his one year anniversary with his foster family. During that time he devised a crafty plan to push his profile to the top of the available hound list alphabetically and implores you not to contact the website administrator. I mean, just look at that face. How has this not won anyone over in a year? It’s beyond comprehension. You know you want to just scratch behind those big old velvety ears! The happiest day of his life was the day he got out of the shelter, just look at that smile. Don’t get him wrong, life at his foster home has been great, but he knows the right family is out there just waiting. Willie is a happy young fellow – age is only a number. Willie has a favorite chair as you can tell from his photos. He is a very active little guy, and loves the great outdoors – running and chasing with his other four legged friends at home. And if his four legged friends won’t run and play, he’ll run all by himself – he loves to run and he isn’t afraid to show it – he tears across the yard until he wears himself out. So as you can tell, life is good, but now he’s ready to liven up your household. There have been a few bumps along the road. And maybe Willie did put a little of the “can” in cantankerous – it’s called personality, people. With a little guidance and structure though, he will make a colorful addition to just the right family. He’s doing well with other dogs and takes to meeting new people – nudging them for affection. Don’t let Willie’s scheme to move to the top of the basset list be in vain, call CBHR today and see about making him your new best friend. 07/14/16