Thanks for logging on to the CBHR website and welcome to my little part of it. My name is Tillie, and as you might expect by my name, I am a very informal gal. More stuffy bassets might go by the more formal name of Matilda, but Tillie suits me just fine. I am a mature lady whose favorite activity is to just lay around and be my sweet and demure self. About the only thing that excites me is food, but then I am a basset hound so that is to be expected. I love to sit in the floor with my foster parents, get belly rubs and sing when asked to. The request line is always open, but just ask a time or two and I will break out in “Howling For You”. I love to ride in the car and will sit patiently so I can look at the scenery through the window. I will take a walk if you insist, but like the leash as long as you let me take my time to smell the roses… or anything else I find interesting along the way. If you need me to go to my crate I will do so gladly, as long as you supply my blanket and a food treat. So what are you waiting for? My fosters are in no hurry for me to leave, but I will gladly be your forever girl. We could be very good together!