Do you know what they mean by “that’s one good suzie?” Well, FYI it means whatever (or whomever) is being described embodies all things sweet, cute, and nice. My foster mom would say “amen” when it comes to me! I am a new girl to the CBHR, and to the best of my recollections, was just abandoned. A good Samaritan called the CBHR and I am now safe and secure.
Here’s what I think you need to know. I am a very loving and a “kissy” girl. I am by no means timid, and am quite outgoing. My foster mom says I learn quickly and conquered the doggie door on the second lesson! I love food of any kind. Well, hum… that also means I am little bit “fluffy” if you know what I mean. We are working on that! I fit in with the herd of 3 other bassets easily and love to play with them. I even like grooming!
So, what’s not to love? I am just waiting to be medically cleared and then go to a forever home to become someone’s one good Suzie.