Like his namesake, 6-year-old Socrates is a thinker, frequently contemplating the world shown on the inside of his eyelids. Such contemplation is best done in the laps of humans, on their beds, their couches and chairs. Sometimes, his thoughts convince him to stop and just take in the moment, reclining right where he is.

He enjoys the quiet company of others of his kind — the short, long-eared ones are his favorites — but he is more than willing to engage with poodles, puppies and other canines of spotty parentage. Life has taught him, however, to beware of the feline species, as they have needles in their feet and are best treated with respect, or avoided all together. He has learned how to convince humans, though the Socratic method, that their hands are best employed rubbing his ears or his belly. His arguments are almost hypnotic, as the clerks at Tractor Supply were overcome with the desire to pet him.

He prefers contemplation on the porch to walking on leash, but when it can’t be avoided, he has learned that humans are happiest if he trots along beside them, so he gave up pulling early in his life. Automobiles, however, are fascinating machines and he particularly likes to help steer, but as this seems to cause distress to the human drivers, he will concede and curl up in the front seat and taking the road as it comes.