Smokey (Bonded with Roofus)

Male       Age: Over 9
Available soon 30-45 lbs Better with womenGood with dogsLoves to rideSpecial needs

I am so glad you are taking time to read my story, and I am happy to report I have some good updates to tell you!  You might remember my new life began when some CBHR folks literally rescued my brother (Roofus) and me.  When they found us, we were living in an abandoned pen because our owner decided to neglect us. We had not had much human contact for quite a while.  Fortunately, we are both now in the same CBHR foster home recovering from the physical and mental abuse, so we can eventually become part of a loving forever home.

I am about 11 years old and am a little skittish and shy… but am getting much better especially since Roofus and I have been reunited.  Boy, does he make me happy!  My foster Mom recently commented observed both he and I were running in the yard “with our tails high and ears perked.” Overall, I am making good physical and emotional recoveries. Even though I am a bit reserved, I love the other dogs in my foster home.  Once I get to know people and come to trust them, I am friendly and like show my good manners.

If you care to follow the progress Roofus and I are making you might consider being our forever family.  Our ideal forever home will be a place where we can be safe, learn trust, be loved, and allowed to show our “inner basset selves.”  We are both quick learners, with a lot of potential, and will repay you with all the love we have been storing over the years.