Hi y’all. I am a gentile southern lady of a certain age named Sandi.

I came to be the wonderful folks at CBHR because my owner had to go into a nursing home. My foster family reports that I’m house trained, good with older kids (believe it or not, at 9 I still have some spunk and may be a bit much for younger two-leggers). My foster home has a cat, and they report that I “clearly know that the cat is in charge” and give the cat some space!

And smart? I am SO smart that I figured that the gate opens in and I checked to see if it is locked regularly . But, I finally realized I was in a good place and gave up! I have the family routine down, and boy do I know who is the “softest touch.” She usually on command. My foster family is teaching me not to paw for attention (Her previous owner had dementia so pawing was her way of getting attention.) I just want to be part of the family. In the evening, I love to lay down on a small rug so that I can be the center of attention.

Wouldn’t I be your perfect new best friend? I’ll be available soon, so please don’t forget to come back and check on me.