Samantha Sue

Well hello… My name is Samantha Sue, how do you do? I am a new girl to CBHR after some interesting experiences, but am full of energy and ready to get on with a great new life. After you hear a bit about me, I am pretty certain you will want to be a big part by giving me a forever home.
Let’s start by what my foster mom has to say. She says I am happy, gentle, and a lot of fun to be around. I have shown her that I get along with everyone, like to take walks, and am very good with other dogs. I even tolerate my hyperactive basset roommate! It was just the other day that I attended a pool party with several kids and we had a grand time. You can totally trust me in the house because I am very reliable about being house broken. If needed, I will go to my crate. I like to talk and will do so to let you know what I need and expect. Not that I’m bossy, that’s just the basset in me.
If I could I would twitch my nose and just appear on your doorstep. Maybe a better way is for me to just wag my tail…. and wait for you to let my CBHR friends know you would like to adopt me!