Sadie (Bonded with Cooper)

If you have seen Cooper’s space he might have mentioned me. You see, I am bonded with him and have been so for as long as I can remember. He accepts me just as I am, even though we don’t quite look alike. He is mainstream basset, and I have a little bit different make-up. When I look in the mirror I see some pit bull and lab, but I am quite pretty don’t you think? Our temperaments are a little different. I am a stay at home type of girl and am content to cuddle and be loved. My foster mom says I am as sweet as I can be, listen well, and am a bit shy. I will go outside, but much prefer to be inside. One thing… I must admit is that I don’t particularly like other dogs, with the obvious exception of my soul mate, Cooper. In fact, I need him around because he “completes me” and helps me be calm and happy. That’s not to say I am placid. In fact, I am the leader of our “pack of two” and that works out just fine for us and our humans. Give us a chance and you will see how happy we all can be!