With a very heavy heart, we helped Rusty to the bridge. The damage to intestines was just too great and he was dying. He waxed and waned for the past two weeks and when his doctor called she said that he was dying and that if we didn’t make the decision for him he would make it and that his suffering would only be prolonged. All of us here at CBHR and the entire staff at Carpenter Animal Hospital in Cary are beyond heartbroken. Please give a special thanks to the staff at Carpenter. They even delivered meds Rusty needed on Christmas Eve. Also, please give a special thanks to Andrea Thomson for opening her home and heart to this special man. She graciously cared for this man for two weeks in the hope that he would get righted and go on to his anxiously awaiting foster family, the Whitehouse family, in Asheville. We know how heartbroken they are too. He knew love, comfort, and warmth. You too helped make that possible.

Because of your love and generosity Rusty had one surgery for the rocks, gravel, and matted grass mess, one surgery to untwist his angered, twisted intestines, and a battery of tests to try to help him, but six weeks of his intestines being shut down combined with no nutrition during that time did damage that could not be repaired. It’s a tragedy that leaves us speechless.

Rest in peace sweet Rusty, you will not be forgotten. 12/26/16