Female       Age: 5-9
Available soon 30-45 lbs FriendlyGood with adults

People who understand gemstones will tell you it takes work, time, and patience to get just the right gem. They will also tell you the finished product is tough and their beauty is well worth the effort. Some are even classified as “precious.” Well then, hearing these things you know a bit about me, Ruby.
The wonderful people at CBHR have gone to great lengths to “mine” me from a shelter. They plan to work with me and get me back to health so I can shine the way I was intended to do. My ride from the shelter was one of the best days of my life… It was fun, and boy was I glad to get out of there. I am a great girl, and as you can see from my pictures, I am friendly and loving. I have a good appetite and the vet said I am “peppy.” The vet found something on my spleen and I am recovering from that surgery. They also found that I was blind in my left eye from glaucoma. Because it was so advanced and painful they had to remove it. But I came through the surgery just fine, thank you very much, and am absolutely ready for my new forever home!
My foster mom says I have an indomitable spirit and am making tremendous strides in my recovery. She says I will make a full and complete recovery and be a GREAT companion to whoever adopts me. Can you believe I have already learned to walk on the leash on the right side? The CBHR folks and my foster family have put a lot of time and love into my future. Can you help me by giving me a forever home where I can be polished and become that precious gem?