Medical Needs: Neuter, bloodwork, find anemia cause and meds: $700

This dear soul was rescue last minute from the Harnett NC animal shelter. The woman who contacted CBHR about Rosoce is an awesome person and submitted an application on his behalf to a foundation that helps with shelter animals. The foundation has pledged to donate $300 to his care if we can raise $300 in donations. And this man will need every penny. When Roscoe arrived he was in pretty bad shape. He is unneutered and his scrotum hangs so low he is dragging it and it’s quite irritated. The doctor said the only way to solve the problem is to remove it when he is neutered. In addition he had multiple parasites, a urinary tract infection, is anemic, has a torn ACL, a touch of arthritis, and, what pains us most, is an old wound where tie out he was on dug into his side. Wound is almost healed, but bad scar. His doctor said luckily his torn ACL is not causing him pain or limiting his movement so it will not need surgery. However, despite all of the neglect he suffered he is still a sweet, loving, gentle soul. In fact, the foster family who kept him for a few nights while he was awaiting his transport said he would howl anytime they separated him from their children. He is THAT loving and social! Please help us help Roscoe! Roscoe will need a neuter, blood work to figure out the cause of the anemia, antibiotics to clear up his urinary tract infection, and likely meds to help his arthritis. Roscoe will need sponsorship of at least $700. 09/28/16