Roofus (Bonded with Smokey)

Male       Age: Over 9
Available soon 30-45 lbs Good with dogsSpecial needsWarms slowly to new people

Hello, my name is Roofus. Thanks for taking the time to read all about me. If you have been reading some of my fellow basset’s biographies, you may have come across my brother Smokey and read part of my story. But I’ll tell you all about me, just in case. Stories like mine are something you just can’t make up.

Smokey and I were severely neglected while living in a very bad environment. Eleven years is a long time to go without a good human to call a best friend. When we first came into CBHR we went to different foster homes. Over the next few weeks I remained withdrawn and skittish. I had moments when I would approach my foster dad, but just didn’t know how to accept his love.  It seemed like it would be a long time before I would recover.

By some insightful changes I have recently moved into the same remarkable foster home with Smokey.  Bingo, that what is I needed!  Our reunion has been nothing less than spectacular. He was glad to see me, and boy was I soooo glad to see him. I guess you could say Smokey “completes me.” I am a lot more interactive, playful, and trusting. With some continuing patience and love, I look forward to a better tomorrow. The CBHR staff is excited and it’s “high 5’s” all around for my progress and recovery. Everyone who has met me has fallen in love with me and is confident that I have a bright and promising future ahead. Smokey feels the same way and we both look forward to being together in the loving forever home we have both have been waiting for.

Could that be in one with you??