Sometimes things just come together…. A dog, a name, a foster home. I can’t wait to see the rest of the story. Let’s start at the beginning and perhaps my life movie will follow. I think it might involve you in the “happily ever after” part. My name is Rocky and just now I am a young “welterweight” basset on my way to becoming a heavyweight world champion. My foster family has been coaching my recovery and has designed my training regimen. I began by chasing my basset roommates around the house, and boy was that fun! It was a lot more fun and productive than chasing those silly chickens down the alley as in Rocky II.
I have shown my foster mom that I am loving, smart, energetic, a bit mischievous, and have a big future ahead. My training regimen has helped me to learn the doggie door, using steps to get to the couch, and taking my best shot to give “snooter” kisses. When I go back to my corner at the end of the play round I am very gentle and friendly. I really like my other dog companions, but have not been around cats, so that remains to be seen.
I have been working hard to get ready for adoption. I have some congenital gastrointestinal problems that make me a “special needs” sort of guy. That means I will have to be on some fairly pricey medications for life, but I promise to give you all the love I have in return. In the meantime, why don’t you give the CBHR folks a “Yo Adrian” to find out more about me and express an interest in becoming my next sequel… “Rocky Finds a Forever Home.”