Pepper (bonded with Jack)

You would think that with names like Pepper and Jack our bios would contain some reference to food, particularly since we bassets are well known for our affinity for something to eat. Well, actually there’s nothing “cheesy” about us.

Although my name is Pepper, my foster parents find me to be more sweet than spicy. I show them my sweet side whenever I am around people and animals. I like them all! I am very patient and affectionate, and love snuggling with other dogs. I am bonded with Jack, and he especially makes me feel safe and secure. Please don’t think I am a dud though! I enjoy my play time with the other pups quite a lot! Although I had a rough start to life and didn’t know much about living in a house, I am now loving my dog bed, peanut butter filled bones, and of course tummy rubs from my foster mom and dad. Jack and I even enjoyed the baths we’ve been given. It’s great to smell so fresh and clean! I have learned to go to my crate and know how to use the doggie door. Jack and I are also learning to sit for treats (yum!). I like sniffing about outside and would love a fenced yard! If you have read Jack’s story, you know about him. If not, take a look and I will keep my paws crossed that you will let us come live with you in a forever home. I promise you won’t regret it!

Update: Woohoo! I have found my forever home! Happy tails!