Ozzie has crossed the bridge. Gone but not forgotten, he will be forever remembered by his CBHR family. 03/15/16

How would you like to come work for me? The pay isn’t great, but the reward of having a four legged best friend basset such as myself make it all worth while. I’m a gentleman of a certain age, a really sweet guy, slightly set in my ways, just a little starch in the shorts, if you will – but I see no reason why that should ever come between us. I would prefer a household with no tiny little ones running around that might not be as well versed on how to conduct themselves around seasoned low riders such as myself. I’ve raised my last set of grandkids and I am just more interested in mature, adult conversations at this point in life. I’m just getting settled in at my foster home, but you can call to get more info, and maybe check back soon for an update here, the more I let them know about me. Don’t delay, contact CBHR today. 01/13/16