Chances are that if you know a guy named Owen, he is somewhat noble and has good qualities. My foster family chose it as my new name because I have the same attributes and can also be described as a “young warrior.” I have endured much in my past, but my future is looking good! As my foster mom put it, “new life, new name.”
If you have a minute let me tell you my story, a bit about me, and my hope for what comes next. The great folks at CBHR rescued me from a large group of dogs who were neglected and abandoned. Boy, was it tough there. I am now in a foster home that has a great track record for love and recovery. I am so glad to be there, and am slowly starting to feel safe and secure. I am not angry or aggressive, just a little reluctant to let people see my “inner basset” yet. I am relaxed and very quiet, except when I sleep. My foster mom says I snore ☺. If you sit and give me give me a few minutes, I will come quietly sit beside you. I have learned to use a crate and doggie door, so I am pretty self-sufficient. Two of my favorite “f’s” are my fan and food bowl as you can see in my pictures!
I need to finish my heartworm treatment and recover a little bit in the next few weeks. In the meantime I am really looking forward to somebody giving me the loving forever home where I can become the basset I was born to be. If you decide to adopt me you will able call me Owen “the Blossomer.”