I’ve found my forever home! How lucky can you get? Thanks, CBHR!
A new name, a new home, and a new life…. and it just can’t get better.  Well maybe except by finding my forever home. I am a new hound with the CBHR and am I glad to be here! When they took me in from the shelter, I was a stray and they soon found out I had a bullet fragment in my hind foot.  It is hard to believe some people can be so mean.  Worst of it all though, everyone called me “Cleo.”

Good news is that I am making a quick recovery.  My foster family are great people and have worked with many CBHR dogs.  They took me to the vet and found out my war wound doesn’t cause me any problems, I am in good health, and have along life ahead of me.  Then there was the name… Most everyone confused me with a girl and “Ned” seemed to fit. So now thankfully I am just ‘Ol (actually young) Ned.

I didn’t have a driver’s license with me, and the best guess is I am just barely over 2 years old.  That seems about right based how I love to “puppy chew” things.  I love chew bones, and on occasion, my fosters’ toes. Even though I am a pup I am well-behaved and listen to commands. I even know to sit when asked to do so!  I love to take walks and meet people along the way, but need to learn cars can be dangerous.  It’s just that they have new people in them to meet.  I am housebroken and crate trained.  Given opportunity and permission though, I will gladly join people on the sofa. Other dogs are just fine with me and I haven’t had the joy of being around cats.  I don’t chase squirrels if that is any indication of my response to the felines. In the spirit of disclosure, I don’t like the rain and getting my feet wet.

All in all I am a great young basset. It doesn’t appear it will take me long to be cleared for adoption.  If you think you might want to adopt a great boy like me, you should let the CBHR know ASAP.