Yep Toto, we are not are not is Kansas anymore. Fortunately you are at my CBHR website. My name is Munchkin, but my foster family calls me “Munchy”… more for my appetite than any connection to Oz. I am a relaxed lady of leisure who has enjoyed the pampering of my foster family for a while. As much as I love them and appreciate all they have done for me, I am ready to move to a forever home. I am a quiet girl who loves to ride in cars and be around other animals. I really like cats and would be much happier if there was another dog around because I don’t like being alone too much. I don’t require a lot of exercise, but really just like to chill and be around my humans and animal siblings. I really don’t like the cold either, but enjoy dressing in my sweater to stay warm. So, is there any chance I can follow the yellow brick road with you to my forever home? 2/4/18

I am such a happy happy happy girl!! I have found my forever home!!! 3/30/18