I imagine you are a bit surprised to see a girl like me surrounded by basset hounds!  Well, there’s a reason.  I was just rescued with my basset friend, Bunny.  We were reported to be “bonded” so the great folks at CBHR rescued both of us at the shelter after our owner died. I guess you could say it was a “twofer”.

Even though I am obviously not a basset, I am a very special bully mix who will make some family very happy.  At bedtime I love to snuggle and play before retiring to the foot of the bed. My foster mom says I am dependable and can trusted when she’s away not to bother a thing and or potty inside.  I really like to play, but will nap or whatever you are in the mood for us to do.  I only bark to alert you somebody is there and then quiet down immediately.  Do I get along with people, you ask?  YES, even the mailman!  How about small kids? Absolutely yes, but due to my size I might bowl them over when get the “zoomies.”   Cats?  I show a lot of interest when I see one outside, but I don’t think I like them much.  I ride well, but you might have to help me in the car. If there happens to be another dog in the car, I am a lot more motivated. When getting out I forget to “remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop”, so it’s a good idea to keep me tethered or on a leash.

My foster mom says she would adopt me in a heartbeat, but she already has 2 other small dogs. She feels I am a bit too energetic for them and can be a bit protective of my space. When I meet other happy, playful pups, all is good.  All said, if you are looking for a loving, playful “basset wanna be”, and don’t have small dogs or cats, adopting me might be like you just struck gold!