Molly Sue

Well hello, my name is Molly Sue, how do you do? … Ok, a take-off on Johnny Cash but I got your attention, huh? Other than the fact I am a country music fan let me tell you a few things about me. I am a new girl to the CBHR and am currently is a loving and supportive foster home that has several other older dogs. I am fitting in just fine but have some things to learn.
My foster mom says I am a very sweet girl and she thinks I am not quite used to being loved and treated as a pet. I don’t have any bad real bad habits, it is just that I haven’t been loved much in my former life so I am learning how to play with toys, walk on a leash, and be near people. All that said, I am a quick and motivated learner and am really liking this new lifestyle. I am really falling in love with my foster dad, and learning that being a “pet” involves receiving and enjoying being petted. Man, what have I been missing?
If you want to “Mollycoddle” me (excuse the pun) in a forever home, I am up to the challenge and have every intention of becoming a lady of leisure. I am getting accustomed to being inside but need to be in a fenced yard to play or be on a leash. I have this urge to chase other dogs, turkeys, deer, or just about anything that comes across my path. Maybe it’s just that I am trying to impress my lab roommates:)