So, let’s play a word association test. When you hear the name “Molly”, what comes to mind? I bet you thought irrepressible, unsinkable, and maybe a bit informal. If you did, you just described me to a tee. My foster parents both say that I am the sweetest basset they have seen. I just hope they don’t say that in front the other bassets in their house!
I am fully house trained, will go to a crate if needed, and absolutely LOVE to take a ride. I love everyone, and my way of introducing myself is to roll over on my back to get a belly rub. In fact, that is my way of greeting all the people I know. There’s no better icebreaker than a belly rub wouldn’t you say?
There are a few medical issues that I need to overcome, but I am already well on my way back to my best vim and vigor. If you think you might want to offer me a forever home be sure to check back about my progress. Better yet, you might want to contact the adoption folks at CBHR soon because I am the kind of girl that people might get in line to adopt. Good Golly Miss Molly, I surely would love to come live with you!
Love and licks, Molly