Sadly, Molly has crossed the bridge. In our hearts forever, she will be loved and always remembered by her CBHR family. 03/15/16

Hi! My name is Molly and I’m 9 years old. I’m back with CBHR because my Dad got a new job and had to move and couldn’t take me with him. My foster parents say I am a sweet girl (and they are right!). I love playing with my foster brothers and sister (yes even the 8 week old puppy). I love to cuddle with my foster Mom and Dad and their fur babies. (They don’t even notice when I sneak up on heir laps and lie down for a nap). I love to sleep with my foster family on the couch or in bed (I’m not really picky). I can use a doggie dog and love running around the yard. Sometimes I forget to go outside to go potty but I’m doing much better. I also love going for rides and walks. Oh yeah and sudden loud noises scare me and I will run and hide, but then I
will come find you to cuddle with me! 08/25/15