Good day and welcome to my little corner of the CBHR website. If you have a few minutes, I would like to ask for your help. I am a great looking 2-year old basset and people call me “Mo.” That is short of Moses and I am very glad to be in the CBHR promised land. In short (excuse the basset leg reference) I am a great guy with a lot of potential, but I need some training help and time to get there.

My story is not so much about my past as it is my future. My foster family, CBHR, and maybe you, are part of that future. As a puppy I was not socialized well and that has left me with some behavior problems. There are just times I don’t understand how to respond to things around me and I become anxious and a bit aggressive. That’s not really who I am, it’s just how I have taught myself to respond. My previous owners loved me but just didn’t know how to help me so they asked the CBHR to step in.

My new foster parents are very well experienced with helping boys like me and that’s why I am with them. They are working with me each and every day. In addition, I will likely be seeing a certified canine behavior consultant as part of my rehab plan. That’s where you can help… any donation you forward CBHR in my name will be used to help me become the basset I was born to be. Once that happens, I will be on the short list for adoption and there are people lined up down the block to adopt a young and healthy boy like me. Wags and licks for any and all help. Be sure to check back because I will be posting progress reports…