If you believe the urban dictionary it says that my name means I am the “most beautiful and amazing girl in the world, and have a smile that can light up a room.” Honestly, that is who I want to be, but need some help to get there. My sweet personality and disposition are just below the surface, and I will need some ongoing love, patience, and understanding before they can show through.
You see, for now I am quite fearful and timid. For some reasons in my past I am generally afraid of people and noises. That is especially true when I am outside, and my foster mom thinks it is because my previous owners didn’t take me out much. I am somewhat better inside, but still am very nervous. I love the security of my crate and like to spend a lot of time there. All that said, I am not aggressive or defensive and I do not bark or whimper. I have a good appetite, am in good health, and don’t need any special grooming.

My foster family and the CBHR volunteers are working hard to help me. They are committed to do whatever I need to have the life I want. Why don’t you check in with them and see if you might have the right forever home where I can be “Missy?” Once I am fully that most amazing girl in the world… it will be “furever.”