Female       Age: Over 9
Adoptable 30-45 lbs FriendlyGood with adultsGood with dogsLeash trainedLoves to rideSpecial needs

MerryBelle has whipped her foster home into shape and is now looking for a forever home where she can do the same. Medical stuff is all done and she is better than ever. Her biggest challenge was getting her foster mom trained. This girl runs the place on a daily basis. If you need a wakeup call, she’s got it covered. Don’t forget, she likes an after supper nap, but then it’s time for a little walk to check out the neighborhood and she will not take no for an answer. When it’s time to walk… it’s time to walk. She may have short, very slow, interesting legs, but fitness is important to this gal. With personality to spare, this 9 year old cutie pie loves to wag her happy tail. She does require a home without stairs. She is good about letting you know when she needs to go out by standing at the door, but can’t really make it 7 plus hours a day without a potty break, so will need a home that can accommodate that.

She is quite the outdoorsy type and loves lying in the sun or snooping around in the grass for scents. She lets her nose guide her in the direction of the most enticing scent. As any basset does, she isn’t shy about letting you know when it’s breakfast or supper time. So if you’re looking for an honest conversationalist of a hound, MerryBelle might be for you. She hopes her forever home will have other four leggers for her to play with as well, so she can bark at them too.

No matter to her and those challenging legs when things happen, she rights herself , gets her legs back under her and is on her way. She will pull like a tank to get to a scent, bird or squirrel nearby. Foster mom uses a harness for her to be able to pick her up and turn her in the direction she needs to go . And it also helps to steady her..

MerryBelle will make you laugh and smile several times a day. She is kind, funny and very loving. She does the best she can with the equipment she’s got and doesn’t want you holding that against her as she attempts to put her front paws in your lap. She’s a good car rider, loves short distance walks, does well on a leash, as long as you have time to stop and smell the roses. Maybe you’re a retired person with strong arms to carry her sometime? She likes kids, but they’d probably make her over do it. They call her thumper because of the sound her happy tail makes against all the furniture, and she runs with her back legs together like a little bunny. She’s waiting on just the right new best friend. Could it be you? 03/08/17