If you google “Marnie” you will see several references to an old Hitchcock movie whose characters were dark and complex. I couldn’t be more different and here’s why… I am a sweet, loving, and very energetic young basset. My foster mom thinks I have a bit of dachshund in my family tree because I am small and have some of those colorings. I guess you can call me one of those designer breeds. Believe it or not there such things as “Basschshunds.” Take a look at my pictures though and you will be I am about as “bassetty” as they come.
I am a recent addition to CBHR foster care and am doing great. I am still a puppy and have some things to learn, but my foster family is helping me be a quick understudy. Not big things mind you, just etiquette. I like food (a lot) and enjoy greeting new people with great enthusiasm. Those are my perspective, but my foster mom says I need to tone both down a bit. Once I get over the initial excitement of seeing people I calm right down. I am learning to play chase and fetch, and it’s just the fetch part that needs some attention. I have learned to walk on a leash, use a crate, and my house training is going great.
We both agree I am like Velcro and love to cuddle. In fact, I like to be carried like a baby in people’s arms! There is some rumor circulating that I have potential to be a 24/7 lap dog. Sleeping is one of my favorite things…. I like to sleep late, be in the bed with my foster’ son, and make cute growling noises when I dream.
As much as I love my foster family I am looking for a forever home. I have much to give in return and great potential to be a big part of or your family. Get in touch with the CBHR folks and let’s get started. Now… where is that ball I was supposed to retrieve?