Maddie (Laura)

Sadly, Maddie passed away last week, here’s a note from Maddie’s foster mom – 10/13/14
Maddie died tonight.  It was completely unexpected and I am in shock.  On Friday Dr. diagnosed her with atypical Addison’s disease.  This is the kind that basically just needs low dose pred for life.  She made a remarkable turn around and was feeling great!  We thought we finally figured out why she was having waxing and waning health over the past few months.  Yesterday we confirmed she did not have metastatic disease.  We thought, “finally!  This girl is going to get to go on to have a great life”.

She had a great dinner tonight, was romping around with my boys, and was sleeping on her bed next to me.  About 9:30 she had what appeared to be a seizure (but could have been syncope).  I started petting her, was calling my vet friend, she did a few open mouthed breathing things, and in less than two minutes from the start of all of it she was gone.  

Whether she had some undiagnosed heart problem, moved into full blown Addison’s and had a crisis, or something else was going on we won’t know.  I’m sad and heartbroken for the life she should have had, but won’t get.  I’m glad she had a great night and went very quickly despite it being way too soon.  I loved so very much that little girl. I will so very much miss her.

She will be cremated and join the rest of my crew.


My Angels are Summer Fann, Stacey Snyder