Lucy M

Rest in peace Miss Lucy M, gone but never forgotten. CBHR and her foster mom gave this sweet lady the great life that she so deserved. She is now at the bridge, and will always be remembered. 02/22/17

Lucy does very well on a vegetarian, grain and corn free diet with some green beans and often pumpkin. While she has severe arthritis of the back and joints, MSM and salmon oil help her walk and climb stairs .She loves to have her neck scratched and seems to like music even if I sing along (so not a keen ear). Her favorite¬†thing to do¬†is going to the park and meeting her best friend Sophie (a Westie). We take a slow but good 30 minute walk when we go. So when the phone rings and she can tell its Sophie’s mom, she starts barking and jumping around. I have to try and answer the phone when its her and not sound like we are up to getting out or she makes a bee line for the door and pouts if we aren’t going. She is very affectionate and loving. People stop and ask to pet her all the time when we are out. Her favorite t shirt to wear has a copy of a cover of one the Beatles first albums and she acts interested when I play hip hop and dance in the (excuse me) HER living room. She also likes the beach and will walk in the water at the edge with me. She has the cutest snore ever. 01/29/15