Female       Age: 5-9
Available soon 45-65 lbs Doggy doorFriendlyGood with adultsHouse trainedLeash trainedLoves to ride

Isn’t life funny sometimes?  For instance, there are some things that just seem to go together… peanut butter and chocolate, Cheech and Chong, ball and bat.  Have you ever thought about beagle and basset (aka “Bagel”)?  The reason I mention it is because my foster mom sees some subtly cute beagle attributes in me, but says I am really a great basset in all other regards.  Take a look at my photos and I am sure you will agree.

Let’s start at the beginning of the list.  My foster mom says I am “an absolute sweetheart.”  I am very well mannered, house trained, use a doggie door, and love to sleep in my crate.  I am not too big on those trick commands like sit, rollover, fetch, but honestly how many bassets are?  That said, I am a quick learner and already know I prefer the couch if it is available.  I like to walk on a leash but consider it more an opportunity to saunter and sniff, rather than reach a specific destination. I can be a little guarded about my space with other dogs and am learning to be a bit more laid back. I am otherwise calm and love attention. My foster mom thinks I must have lived outside in my previous life because I love to wander outside, lay on the porch, and sit in the yard to take in the nature around me. I don’t bark, dig, or chew…. I just like to chill.

I am new to the CBHR and have a few medical things to get evaluated and treated.  In the meantime, why don’t get in touch to find out more and perhaps we can add to the things that go together… You and me!